Almost Sufal Sampoorna: Was Sai Right In Asking Nachiket To Leave Her Alone?

Sai told Nachiket to leave her alone as she believed their relationship wasn’t going to work. However, we think she made the wrong decision.

Manjiri Shete

January 16, 2020


2 min


First love and the subsequent heartbreak can be messy affairs. There is nothing like the happiness we experience which is followed by shedding of tears over the memories. You get to witness this with Sai and Nachiket’s relationship in Almost Sufal Sampoorna. The pair had only just accepted their feelings for each other when Appa threw Nachiket out of the house. Sai, who respects Appa’s wishes, decided to cut Nachiket out of her life too. However, it was easier said than done since they both love each other. Do you think it was right on Sai’s part to distance Nachiket?

Watch an Almost Sufal Sampoorna below:

Sai doesn’t realise that by asking Nachiket to go away isn’t going to help her situation. In fact, as Richa said, his absence is going to drive her mad. Since she and Nachiket have been in close proximity for so many months, his sudden absence will upset her more. In the past, Nachiket too tried to explained Sai that they both can’t live without each other. However, she refused to believe it under Appa’s pressure. We wonder how Sai is going to cope when Nachiket is gone away from her. In the last episode, we saw Nachiket go to Gujarat for Mr Pardeshi’s work. Sai, who came looking for him, assumed he had returned to Australia. This feeling of Nachiket being away made Sai anxious to an extent where she started crying.

We hope Sai accepts her love for Nachiket, rather than denying the feelings as it will make things worse for her. On the other hand, we praying that Appa gives his permission to Sai to interact with Nachiket.

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