Almost Sufal Sampoorna: Tricks To Make Your Photos Instagram-Worthy Like Nachiket

This may require you to take a break from the overuse of filters. Get inspired by Nachiket for your next photo session!

Manjiri Shete

November 10, 2019


3 min


We saw Nachiket clicking fun pictures of Sai in Almost Sufal Sampoorna. Unlike Nachiket, not all of us are blessed with those photography skills. However, much like him, we all strive to make our Instagram look good and want to garner attention for the photos we post. We totally get your thinking and as a result, we have listed ways you can make your photos Instagram-worthy. Have a look!

Watch an episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna below:

1. Make the utmost use of natural light

Light, being one of the most important components, can make or break your photos depending on the way you use it. The natural light can change the appearance of the photo and can help you get the kind of picture you want without the use of filters. If you are solely relying on natural light, then, camera angle and time of the day are crucial factors.

2. Opt for your phone camera instead of the Instagram camera

The inbuilt filters and effects on your social media apps might tempt you to click pictures using the application. But, if you are truly looking for an ‘Instagram-worthy’ picture, then, you we suggest that use your phone camera. For example, social media cameras lack the HDR function which the smartphone cameras have. This function helps in making your picture more detailed in dark and light areas.

3. Use filters sensibly

According to the research, the pictures with warm tone are favoured over pictures which have an overuse of saturation. Also, using too many filters tend to make your photos pixelated and lose clarity. For making small changes in your picture, you can brighten your picture lightly while increasing the contrast.

4. Focus on one theme

To make your Instagram feed look pretty and attract more attention, you could use one theme throughout. This means, that if you are nature-lover, then, fill your Instagram feed with pictures of scenic and picturesque locations that you have clicked.And when it comes to using filters, keep the same filter/colour scheme throughout your feed. This will make your Instagram profile look uniform and will help peak people’s interest.

What do you think about the above options? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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