Almost Sufal Sampoorna: Nachiket And Sai Show Us Expectation Vs Reality Of Their Bond!

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Manjiri Shete

December 4, 2019


2 min


We have loved watching Sai and Nachiket’s chemistry in Almost Sufal Sampoorna. However, their bond wasn’t always like that. The pair has come a long way from disliking to appreciating each other. We have seen Sai and Nachiket having their differences, but they always overcame this phase by having a conversation with each other. Recently, just as we were appreciating their coupling, actor Nikhil Damle, who essays Nachiket’s character, uploaded a post which shows him and his co-star’s bond in real and reel life!

Watch an episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna below:

Even though Sai and Nachiket come from entirely different backgrounds, there are undeniable sparks flying between them. For this onscreen camaraderie, we can definitely give credit to their friendship in real life. Nikhil and Gauri Kulkarni, who essays Sai’s character, are always clicking pictures of each other and with each other. These pictures range from their selfies to them hanging with the whole cast of Almost Sufal Sampoorna. Knowing how much we love this Marathi comedy serial, we never leave a chance to double tap on their Instagram posts. In one such picture, Nikhil and Gauri posed together while making different facial expressions.

We obviously couldn’t stop laughing looking at the picture. Just like us, the fans of the show also complimented the onscreen couple. After seeing these photos, we wonder what Appa would to say to Sai who is spending time with his archrival. Given Nachiket and Appa’s enmity, we are guessing the latter would frown that Sai’s decision of becoming friends with such ‘uncultured’ people.

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