Alliyambal: Here are 4 reasons to love Jai Dhanush as Devan!

Jai Dhanush perfectly portrays the handsome hunk Devan on the Malayalam serial Pookalam Varavayi. We look at a few of his characteristics!

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September 15, 2020


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Be it his handsome hunk looks or his fantastic chemistry with co-actors, the reasons to love Jai Dhanush aka Devan on the Malayalam serial Alliyambal are many. The actor has given some of the most memorable moments on the show along with Alli aka Pallavi Gowda. Jai Dhanush also makes us all LOL in several instances as he is an expert at handling comedy scenes with co-actors. For those who enjoyed the memorable scenes from Devan on Alliyambal, here are 4 reasons why we love Jai Dhanush!

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1.Expert at comedy

Devan and Chinnan (source:ZEE5)
Devan and Chinnan (Source: ZEE5)

Unlike other leads of popular TV shows, Jai Dhanush doesn’t hold back when it comes to comedy scenes. He is a very realistic character with friends who make fun of him for his mistakes. He can always be seen around his best friend Chinnan who acts as his wingman. The fun duo goes around their village getting into all sorts of trouble which has given us some of the best moments on the show.

2. Devan is a true romantic 

Devan from Alliyambal (source:ZEE5)
Devan from Alliyambal (Source: ZEE5)

Jai Dhanush’s romantic scenes with Alli on the Malayalam serial Alliyambal have given us some of the best moments. He handles the romantic scenes with the composure of a true hero and is ready to take up any challenge for the role. Remember how he joined Alli’s tuition class to study so that he can always see her? Jai’s versatile acting has gifted the Alliyambal fans with such memorable scenes worth re-watching!

3. A true fit for Devan

Devan from Alliyambal (source:ZEE5)
Devan from Alliyambal (Source:ZEE5)

Jai Dhanush being a fitness freak in real life makes him all the more realistic as Devan. His character is a martial arts instructor and a devotee of Lord Hanuman. Devan is also crazy about workouts and maintaining his physique. Despite a hefty physique, Jai Dhanush displays a charming presence on Alliyambal that we love to watch on-screen.

4. Expert at handling Malayalam

Devan (source:ZEE5)
Devan and Alli from Alliyambal (Source: ZEE5)

Did you guys know that neither of the leads of Alliyambal are Malayalis? Yes, you read that right! Even though Jai has a huge Malayali fan following because of the role in the show, the actor is not a Malayali. Jai honed his vocabulary to fit the role of Devan on the show and he never makes us doubt that he doesn’t speak the language. The actor says that he had to put extra effort in handling the role initially as it was difficult for him to understand the role. But as time progressed, Jai found a space in the hearts of Malayali audience.

Why do you love the most about Jai Dhanush as Devan from the Malayalam serial Alliyambal? Tell us in the comments below!

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