Alliyambal: 4 fun moments from the show which make us love Devan AKA Jai Dhanush

Actor Jai Dhanush has given us some of the best moments as Devan on Alliyambal

Tom Francis

October 21, 2020


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Be it his fun chemistry with Alli on-screen, or the enthralling action scenes from the serial, Jai Dhanush is an all-time favourite of popular Zee Keralam serial Alliyambal fans. The actor has given us some of the most memorable moments on-screen as the lovable neighbourhood boy. Jai Dhanush and Pallavi Gowda are also one of the fan-favourite couples from Zee Keralam. For everyone who loves watching Jai Dhanush as Devan on the Malayalam serial Alliyambal, here are four fun moments where we all loved him on the show!

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  1. Devan fights for Alli
Devan from Alliyambal (source:ZEE5)
Devan from Alliyambal (source: ZEE5)

Even though he is thought as a macho martial arts instructor by his friends and family, Devan is nothing but adorable when it comes to his relationship with Alli. Devan sees Alli disturbed and thinks of a way to make up to her. He figures out later that it is because of Vavachan and his sleazy comments that Alli is in a bad mood. Devan is quick to meet Vavachan and warns him of the consequences if he is to repeat his behaviour again.


  1. Fun scenes with Aashan
Devan from Alliyambal (source:ZEE5)
Devan from Alliyambal (source: ZEE5)

Aashan is Devan’s mentor and his words decide what’s right and wrong for Devan. Being a martial arts instructor, Devan is made to take a pledge of celibacy in front of Lord Hanuman by Aashan. Later on, Aashan figures out that Devan is secretly attending Alli’s tuition class to see her. We all loved Devan when he was caught red-handed by Aashan at Alli’s tuition class. Devan tries to escape but Aashan’s words put him in a dilemma.

  1. Valli faces Devan’s wrath
Devan from Alliyambal (source:ZEE5)
Devan from Alliyambal (source: ZEE5)

It is never a good idea to be on Devan’s bad side when he is angry and these scenes with Valli are proof of the same. Devan gets worried about Alli avoiding him and tries to figure out a way to get her back. Valli on the other hand sees him in the room and tries to take advantage of the situation by hugging him. Devan replied with a slap as he gets irritated by Valli’s constant approaches at him. All of Alliyambal fans loved this reaction from Devan as Valli always tried to separate him from Alli.

  1. Devan falls for Salomi’s act
Devan and Chinnan (source:ZEE5)
Devan and Chinna (source: ZEE5)

Devan gets furious on seeing that Vavachan ruined his paddy field with saltwater. He goes to fight him in anger but meets Vavachan’s daughter Salomi instead. Devan falls for Salomi’s flirtatious lines as she mentions his Mr.Alapuzha title. Devan gave us one of the funniest scenes from the show as he falls for Salomi’s trick.  Which was your favourite moment from Devan? Tell us in the comments below!

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