All You Need To Know About The Real-Life ‘Doctor Death’ That Devmanus Is Based On

Devmanus starring Kiran Gaikwad is inspired by a true incident in Satara. Keep reading to find more details about the notorious doctor.

Kedar Koli

September 1, 2020


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It’s been a while since we watched an action-packed thriller on TV until Devmanus arrived. When literally translated, it means the man of God, but is he indeed? Well, after watching the recently released promos of the show, we don’t think so. The thriller drama is about Dr Devi who’s pretending to be a doctor but actually has sinister intentions on his mind which are yet to be revealed. Apart from the fact that he’s a fraud doctor, there’s another fun trivia about the show that we bet you didn’t know about. Devmanus is supposedly inspired by the real-life incidents that took place in Satara. Want to know more about it? Keep scrolling to find the details!

Say hello to Dr Devi by watching the first episode of Devmanus here.

Dr Santosh Pol, described as ‘Doctor Death‘, was a notorious doctor who killed six people in the 13 years of his practice in the town of Wai in Satara. The locals had deemed him as the God-like doctor who saved lives until his real intentions were revealed. Dr. Pol was said to be involved in the murders of six innocents including five women many of whom he was reportedly having an affair with. His modus operandi included duping the victims, killing them, and then burying the bodies in his farmhouse. Dr. Pol had apparently committed the murders when the women refused to elope with him. He also ran away with their money and gold after dumping the bodies in his personal graveyard. Brutal, right?

Source: ZEE5

Dr Pol continued with his gruesome murders until he was arrested after the disappearance of Mangala Jedhe, the latest victim to fall prey to his ploy. He even tried to mislead the police by lodging a false complaint against Jedhe and sending them on a goose chase. The locals heaved a sigh of relief once the police captured him and closed the chapter of Dr Pol forever. This interesting tale of Doctor Death is being replicated in the show Devmanus, which makes it fascinating to watch.

Devmanus starring Kiran Gaikwad is coming to spook you starting from August 31 on Zee Marathi. You can also watch the episode before TV by subscribing to the ZEE5 Club Pack.

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