All-Female Crew Of Russian Navy Sets Out On Black Sea Patrol For The First Time

The patrols are part of the preparations for Russia’s Navy Day later this month.

Neel Raju Nalawade

July 14, 2020

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In a first for the Russian Navy, an all-female crew took the helms of a patrol party on the Black Sea, marking a huge step for the quest of the country’s women to play a more active part in the armed forces. The crew’s patrolling duties in preparations for the country’s upcoming Navy Day celebrations that are scheduled to take place on July 26. The crew was aboard a patrol boat during their maiden voyage and completed several simulations relating to how they would react to incursions by saboteurs.

The Russian Navy has some huge barriers to the entry of women in it. In a presidential decree signed by Vladamir Putin in 2000, 456 jobs were listed in 38 industries from which women were barred. The role of the captain is not on the list but that of a seaman is. The Russian government has indeed revealed that it plans to shorten the list soon to make more jobs available for the women of the country. There are plans to make these changes next year.

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