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Ali Fazal Gives Fans A Sneak At A Still From Death On The Nile With Hollywood Star; Describes His Journey


January 4, 2022

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Ali Fazal has been gearing up for his upcoming movie Death On The Nile and will feature alongside Gal Gadot in the film. The actor has recently opened up on his project

Death on the Nile, Ali Fazal’s Hollywood film, is about to be released. The actor recently shared a still with Gal Gadot on his Instagram account. He penned ‘DEATH ON THE NILE,’ which will be released in theatres soon. He went on to say that it was because of his humility that he was given the opportunity to be immortalised as one of Agatha Christie’s characters.

He also expressed his gratitude to the fantastic actors for being such an athletic and enjoyable group with whom to exchange notes and the screen. They keep floating through life, sometimes so engrossed in the domain of the right, the illusion of the truth, and the light at the end of the tunnel that they forget to look beyond the frame, like interrogation rooms’ mirrors. If such rooms were to be their life, Ali Fazal went on to suggest that one must think there is always a group of individuals behind those mirrors.

He stated that he has been focusing on it only to make them appear their best. He recalled how much effort went into creating the graphics and bringing Kenneth Branagh’s vision to life. He further added that it might simply be a job, but it isn’t because they are artists, and they don’t just go on, they take the world with them through greater places. He also praised and thanked all of the film’s technicians for their dedication and commitment. He jokingly complimented on his appearance, stating that he and Gal Gadot looked well together.

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Ali Fazal has been recently linked with Richa Chadha and the couple has been providing updates about one another on their Instagram accounts. And everyone has been following up with their lovely and sweet photos and videos. Furthermore, the pair have been dating for a long time and the news could not be more exciting for their followers. Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha have been universally adored.  Fans have also been ecstatic since the pair have secured New Delhi for their weddings, and their marriage month has been frozen by the couple.  As per the latest sources, Ali will also act alongside Gerard Butler in Ric Roman Waugh’s film Kandahar. 


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