Alexei Navalny’s Instagram Video Claims Hotel Room Water Bottle Caused Poisoning

The new theory claims that Navalny was poisoned through a Novachik agent through a hotel room water bottle in Siberia

Raghav N

September 18, 2020

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In a new development in Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny’s poisoning case, the nerve agent that was allegedly used on him has been detected on an empty water bottle from his hotel room in Siberia’s Tomsk. It was previously suspected that Navalny was poisoned after he drank a cup of tea at the airport lounge in Tomsk.

The opposition leader took severely ill during his flight from the Siberian city and had to airlifted to Berlin in Germany for treatment. Russia has refused their role in poisoning their rival with the Novichok agent and have asked for a more detailed medical analysis before they start a formal probe into this matter.

A new video on Navalny’s Instagram page shows members of his team searching his hotel room on 20 August, an hour after they had learnt about his falling sick under suspicious circumstances. His loyalists stated that they would retrieve everything they found useful for this investigation. All material has now been handed over to the doctors in Germany.

One of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most fierce critics, Navalny’s investigations on official corruption have been published on his YouTube channels and Instagram, reaching millions of the nation’s people.

Meanwhile, Britain said that they are almost certain that the Russian Intelligence carried out this attack. France has also come out in support of Navalny.

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