Alexandra Daddario’s ‘paw’fectly spent day with her two pooches

Alexandra Daddario is a well-known dog lover and her love for the canine animal compelled her to say that she would’ve adopted all the dogs she see, only if it was possible for her. And her latest post just approves the same.


September 29, 2021


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Alexandra Daddario is one of those Hollywood divas, who get their slightest moves trending across her fan followings. The actor has journeyed a lot, ever since she debuted in Hollywood. From Alexandra Daddario’s sizzling bikini poses to her cozy photos with her boyfriend, she has earned a lot of coverage. However, the actress is also popular for her love for dogs, and she has just showcased the same in her latest social media post.

A ‘paw’fect day

Showing up with two dogs, apparently her new pet, Alexandra Daddario took to Instagram, as she shared a two slide post full of canines, on Tuesday evening.

In the first slide, Alexandra appears posing with her canine friend as he appears to be sleeping with immense comfort on her lap. The Summer Quinn from Baywatch, meanwhile, appeared to be quite happy as only a little part of her face was visible in the photo.

The second photo provided a clearer look at the dog. However, he was joined by another little and cute friend. The two white dogs (with black patches) appeared quite happy as they were clicked by Alexandra, with the bigger one being a little more excited. Meanwhile, the caption area of her latest post revealed her love for her canine friends as the 35-year-old actress termed her two new friends the sweetest.

Alexandra Daddario sizzles social media alongside her boyfriend in latest post

She also shared the fun info about the bigger dog as she stated how he had his ears tall in the first photo while they were missing in the second one.

A Dog Lover

Alexandra Daddario just lost her pet best friend Levon in the December of 2020. The death of her canine friend saddened her to an extent where she shared a complete big post over her irreversible loss. A well-known dog lover, Alexandra had once said that she would’ve adopted all the dogs she sees (only if it was possible for her) because of her love for the animal. And her latest post just approves the same.

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