Alexandra Daddario teases fans with a tantalising picture

Alexandra Daddario never misses sharing updates with her fans, as she took to Instagram posing in a tantalizing picture


September 6, 2021


3 min


The American actor is at teasing her fans again. Taking to Instagram the Percy Jackson actress Alexandra Daddario shared a picture donning a floral slip-on with a J Crew lingerie and a Farm Rio Cocoa Forest Hat making for a spectacular picture.

Arms slightly held apart at the hips with an open pose gives the Baywatch actress’ fan a clear insight into her well-toned body. The pink velvet armbands add to the aura of this actor, who goads her fans to call her Alex. Ever since the visual treat for the eyes, her fans have gone gaga. The emojis are flowing and so must be their adrenalin.

The picture speaks a thousand words

Ileenairie, a follower says, “Woo positive vibes are the focus yes!!!” in a subtle positive affirmation of the 35-year-old actor’s move to show her oomphs.

And there is the mischievous lot too in her fan base. In a tongue-in-cheek remark, another user pointed, “He nailed me all not long.” But the general sense for this bold post has been one of admiration with a lot of emojis showing face with heart-shaped eyes and the others telling she is on fire.

The post has already garnered 787k likes and 2216 comments in a little over eight hours since Alexandra Daddario decided to give her fans a weekend peek into her physique. This is not the first time that Alex has made heads turn. If one scrolls down her Instagram page, one can find an assortment of such pictures in which she flaunts her curves well. The actor also does not shy away from telling her fans that fitness is a mantra for life.

There are also videos of Alexandra Daddario’s shopping binge for her wardrobe and other fun to watch stills. She is also not averse to giving her fans a sneak peek into her vital assets, revealing only that much that one can handle. Knowing the actor who eyed this profession as an 11-year-old, one can only expect more such bold posts going forward. Until the next one, feast your eyes on this one.

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