Blue-eyed Beauty Alexandra Daddario swears by Yoga

Hollywood swears by yoga

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Guess who has picked up yoga! Vouching for yoga, the ancient practice that brings together mind and body is the 35-year-old Alexandra Daddario.

This American actor, known for portraying Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson film series, is also a fitness freak. She loves posting videos of her workouts on Instagram and this post (alexandra daddario on Instagram: “ 🧘🏼 🧢  ”) shows the True Detective star do some elegant push-ups and side stretch.

Fans love her Yoga sessions

The actor’s yoga sessions are much in demand and one such session that she posted earlier in June logged 1.1 million views in a little over four hours. This floor-set and flexible yoga session by Alexandra Daddario, who loves to be called just ‘Alex’ is part of her move to find peace and attempt stillness. 

Her more than 20 million followers on Instagram get their regular dose of Alex’s fitness regime and each session draws in likes and comments by the dozens. The still pictures of this blue-eyed beauty striking the perfect pose to draw the oohs and the aahs from her fans as if they are watching it up close and personal.

Hollywood swears by yoga

Hollywood stars are striving to reach their inner self and yoga is proving to be the perfect vehicle for them.  The list is certainly long if one scans for yoga aficionados outside Hollywood. There are the likes of Jessica Biel, actor and wife of Justin Timberlake, even Timberlake himself, Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Ryan Gosling who are among the many Hollywood actors, models and superstars to say aye to yoga. 

Alexandra Daddario who starred opposite Dwayne Johnson in the 2015 thriller San Andreas as his daughter, Blake Gaines, has not stepped away from following her routine. She didn’t miss her exercise routine, even amidst the pandemic enforced lockdown. The True Detective star, working on a new project during Covid was spotted wearing an N-95 mask on Hawaii shores while being frank on the importance of routine in self-care.

Variety quoted Alexandra stating last year, “Keeping up with a routine is important,”. Further adding, “You lose so much of it [in quarantine], in addition to the added stress, fear and general news cycle.”

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