Alexandra Daddario spotted with boyfriend in Athens, Greece

Alexandra Daddario and Andrew Form have again appeared together in the former’s latest Instagram post. With Acropolis in Athens, Greece as background, the couple can be seen walking down a beautifully romantic evening together.


September 20, 2021


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It has been months since Alexandra Daddario made her relationship status official with a Hollywood producer. Though the lovers are known for their strong bonding, given their style of disclosing their relationship, both of them are renowned for maintaining a balanced media profile concerning their relationship. However, in her latest social media post, Alexandra does appear spending quality time with her partner.

Alexandra and Andrew in Athens

On late Saturday night, Alexandra Daddario took to Instagram to share her latest photo along with her boyfriend Andrew Form. The post with a single word caption has Alexandra and her and Andrew in the foreground where Alexandra is walking with her right arm placed over Andrew’s shoulders.

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In the photo itself, while the Hollywood actress appears gorgeous in her white backless frock, her producer boyfriend Andrew, appeared striking in a casual combo of grey T-shirt and black Trousers.

Just like her previous posts, featuring the two together, Alexandra Daddario still didn’t tag Andrew Form in her latest post. Neither did Andrew shared/retweeted the same post as he has been inactive on Instagram for a long while.

Captured from behind, the photo effectively captures the two spending quality time with each other. The location section of the post, meanwhile, mentions Athens, Greece as its location.

Unlike her last few posts, Alexandra did share her location this time. Fans of the 35-year-old actress were quick enough to know the exact location of the photo as they easily discovered ‘Acropolis’ from the caption section of the post.

An ancient Greek citadel, Acropolis in Athens, Greece, is one of the most popular places for couples from all across the world.

Socially Active Alexandra

Since the last week, Alexandra has been quite active on her Instagram. The Blake Gaines from San Andreas (2015) has posted three posts, including one video, in swimsuits. And although fans are finding it hard to come to terms with a committed Alexandra, her regular social media posting is a source of relief and comfort for many.

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