Akshay Kumar Reveals Why He Did ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’

At a recent press conference, Toilet – Ek Prem Katha star Akshay Kumar revealed the real reason for doing this film, Read

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January 7, 2021

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At a recent press conference, Toilet – Ek Prem Katha star Akshay Kumar revealed his real reason for doing this particular film. A journalist asked him if he takes up movies that present socially relevant issues. Akshay answered that he does not ‘plan’ it that way particularly, but if he feels that the subject is important and he wishes to take it ahead, then he does the film. Watch the news video below for more details:

While speaking on the subject of ‘toilet system’ in India, Akshay mentioned that approximately 50% of the Indian population does not have access to proper toilets. “Isn’t this a very alarming thing? I got a great subject and a real story so I said I want to make this film”, the actor said.

He also revealed that when he told others about the name of the film, many asked him why he had kept this particular name and if it is possible to change it. Akshay obviously did not want to change the title of the film. According to him,  “It is what it is, it is a real story – toilet, ek prem katha. Why run away from it? It is one of the biggest drop in India”, he said.

He shared a very alarming fact that about 1000 children in India die every day due to diarrhoea. “This is equivalent to two jumbo jets with children crashing every day,” he further added.

He thought that if he presents a film such as this with ‘commerciality, realism, comedy, entertainment, and good songs’ then it will help people understand the severity of the ‘toilet situation’ in India.

He also added that India is number one when it comes to not having a proper sanitation system. He said,  “People do not have toilets, they have to go to farms, canals, or anywhere outside and that is a shameful thing” so that is why he decided to do this film.

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