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Akshay Kumar Makes A Quip About Kapil Sharma’s Reception; The Comedian Shares A BTS Video On His Youtube Channel


December 25, 2021

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Recently Akshay Kumar, Sara Ali Khan, and Aanand L Rai appeared on the sets of Kapil Sharma. Sharing a BTS video on his official youtube account, Kapil got fans into splits

When Akshay Kumar appears on Kapil Sharma’s show, Kapil fails in front of him. With his witty sense of humor, Akshay also makes you laugh a lot, and it’s usually seen that Kapil gets intimidated by Akshay. He was recently on Kapil’s show to promote his digital film. Sara Ali Khan and director Aanand L Rai joined him at the event. Despite the fact that the episode has already aired on television, Kapil has uploaded an unedited rendition of it on his YouTube channel, which includes hilarious Behind the Scenes moments.

In the film, Akshay has transformed into a magician.  He also demonstrated a few of his tricks during the show. Sara appears on stage after a little while, and Kapil has a conversation with her. ‘Forget it,’ Akshay warns them. ‘Inquire about the photo, ask regarding its health, and then just stop there until then,’ Akshay continues.

Sara informs Kapil that the movie is set to be released on December 24.  He had a reception in Bombay on this day,’ Kapil explains. When you didn’t show up.  You didn’t show up for the reception, Kapil tells Akshay.  Whoever marries on the 24th is regarded to be a lucky man. ‘It’s a serious issue.’ ‘Hey, who gets married on the 24th,’ Akshay continues.  He couldn’t attend as he was in  Cape Town. However, people marry on 24′, Kapil responds. ‘So he would have gone further,’ Akshay explains. ‘No, it was already too late,’ Kapil explains.

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The crew is quite enthusiastic about their project, which has received a lot of positive feedback. In a recent interview, Aanand L Rai, the film’s director, stated that Salman Khan and then Hrithik Roshan were his first and second choices for the desirable men. However, they dropped out due to professional conflicts and unexplained reasons, resulting in Akshay Kumar being cast in the part. As the director remarked, Akshay adored the storyline and was willing to join the project the moment he was asked. They are both working on two additional projects.

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