Akhilandeshwari To Annapoorna: 5 Actresses Whose Evergreen Beauty Continues To Inspire Us

Parinika Uchil

November 8, 2019

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Arasane Koteya Akhilandeshwari From Paaru

Vinaya Prasad's Happy Face Will Just Brighten Up Your Day

Vinaya Prasad from the hit show Paaru on Zee Kannada has all the makings of a queen if you ask me. Everything about her role as Arasane Koteya Akhilandeshwari screams poise, discipline and success. Her beauty secret, however, remains unknown.

MD Of Aarthi Catering Services, Parimala Manjunath From Gattimela

Source: ZEE5

Daughter of the Charlie Chaplin of Sandalwood, Sudha Narasimharaju, is always her chirpy self when she is onscreen. A beauty with a cute face is what she can be defined as. She plays the role of Parimala, the mother of four girls on Gattimela, the newest addition to the Zee Kannada Kutumba

Kamini Devi From Kamali

Source: Instagram

Even though Chandrakala Mohan plays the role of Kamini Devi, on the popular show Kamali, this lady is a kid at heart. A humble actress by nature, you will always see this ‘still-so-gorgeous’ starlet chilling out with the youngsters on the show. This photo is proof!


Owner Of Annapoorna Industries, Annapoorna Devi From Kamali

Source: Instagram

Padma Vasanthi Ma’am, who plays the popular role of the leading business entrepreneur Annapoorna on Kamali, is the coolest of the lot because she is an inspiration of ever-lasting youth! Her smile and positive vibes are all that is needed for you to cheer up on a dull day. The pout, however, is something Ningi can effortlessly make these classic beauties do, don’t you agree?

Vanitha Vasu From Bramhagantu

Vanitha Vasu In A Still From Bramhagantu

Known for her contribution to both, TV and films, is the graceful actress Vanitha Vasu. Also known as Revathi from the show Bramhagantu, her smile alone can melt your heart! Also, I just love her dressing sense; her colour combinations, accessories etc! The next time you see this delightful lady onscreen, make sure to take notice.

Which actress did you feel won your heart at first glance? Your comments are eagerly awaited in the space given below.

Watch Vanitha Vasu’s amazing work in the Jaggesh starrer Ganesha, now streaming on ZEE5!

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