Ajay Devgn To Kriti Sanon- Bollywood Stars Who Have Stayed Away From Controversies

Many famous Bollywood stars have been in the limelight for the things they do and other controversies. But there are quite a few who have never been in a controversy and have a spotless image


October 13, 2021


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Bollywood stars are well known for everything they do. They are scrutinized for everything they do. One small mistake and the media just makes it an issue. But some stars don’t like to be a part of such controversies and have a spotless image. While we have already kept an eye on controversial stars, here are stars who have not been into any controversies–

Ajay Devgn

Earlier in his acting career, Ajay Devgn was known to have a tiff with Yash Raj Studios over Shahrukh Khan getting all the footage in Jab Tak Hai Jaan and him not getting much in Son Of Sardaar. After the feud, he cleared it out with Shah Rukh Khan and became friends. He is now never seen in any controversy and lives his life privately with his family. He is one of the biggest actors in Bollywood.

Shraddha Kapoor

Whilst trapped in a debate of Nepotism and Star kids, Shraddha Kapoor has remained silent without giving any bad comments or talking crassly about her trolls. She is known to be quiet with her performances speaking volumes about her. Shraddha always looks like a classy woman and is never trapped in any controversy with her image looking sparkly clean, always.

Kriti Sanon

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Kriti Sanon smells like success and it has taken her career to new heights. She’s everything an actress should be but despite being famous, she’s never been into any controversy and has always stayed in the limelight only for the right reasons. Kriti is a good actress and we hope her clean image helps her to be successful.

Many Bollywood stars are wrongly connected to some ruckus that has nothing to do with them. Actors live in the constant fear of being scrutinized.

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