Air Accident Averted After US Fighter Jet Comes Close To Iranian Flight

A US fighter jet came in close contact with an Iranian passenger plane over Syria, forcing the latter to change course, thereby causing several injuries.

Jessica David

July 24, 2020

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Several passengers on an Iranian flight have been injured over Syria after the pilot changed altitude to avoid collision with a US fighter jet, according to Iranian media. The United States military, however, said its F-15 kept a safe distance. The Iranian plane, belonging to Mahan Air, was heading from Tehran to Beirut on Thursday (July 23), when the pilot staged a safety manoeuver, in an accident that Iran’s Foreign Ministry said would be investigated. Iran’s official news agency quoted a passenger describing how his head had hit the roof of the plane during the change in altitude, and a video showed an elderly passenger sprawled on the floor.

The unnamed passenger said, “I don’t know what happened. A black plane came close to our plane which lost its balance. I was sprung up and my head banged against the ceiling.” Another passenger said, “It was a fighter jet that was literally sticking to our plane. We lost our balance and bounced up and down.” All the passengers left the aircraft, some with minor injuries, the head of Beirut airport said. The plane arrived back in Tehran in the early hours of Friday (July 24).

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