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Aindrita Ray Teaches You A Little About The Benefits Of Practicing Nunchaku


June 13, 2020

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Aindrita is fit and fab only because she takes care of her health and body. Here’s how Nunchaku helps the actress.

Bhajarangi actress Aindrita recently put up a video on Instagram of herself brushing up on her Nunchaku ( is a traditional Okinawan martial art) and she really looks like she is being as productive as she can during the lockdown. Here are some of the benefits that you can experience if you too practice Nunchaku!

Improved Concentration

Nunchaku helps in improving the concentration you exert during the training. A lot of concentration and focus goes into the physical energy that is required for this art form.


After a certain amount of practice, one can really notice things falling in place in terms of physical exertion as well as mental peace. Your heart rate will be more balanced and you’ll also find yourself getting into a great cardio workout.

Here’s a clip of Aindrita practicing Nunchaku: 

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Nunchaku training is a form of art! Once you learn the basics along with beginners’ drills, be sure to be able to work on your moves and exert your own creativity.


If you are persistent, you will surely learn new moves, increase coordination, and become much better with your technique while also improving your skill.


Nunchaku can be used for striking an opponent. Throughout the classes, you will learn how to strike the person in front of you when he/she least expects it.

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