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Aindrita Ray Redefined Herself After Playing A Deglam Role In Melkote Manja

Parinika Uchil

May 7, 2019

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The trend of giving up glamourous roles is gaining popularity everywhere. This talented actress also got the opportunity and we love every bit of it.

After the hit comedy film Eddelu Manjunatha, actor Jaggesh turned director and successfully made its sequel Melkote Manja. Namma Navrasa Nayaka not only directed and wrote the film but also acted as the lead. The female lead of Parvathi is played by the gorgeous Aindrita Ray. An interesting fact is that she had to tone down her glamour in the film to portray this simple character.

This comedy-drama will keep you entertained for the next couple of hours: 

Unlike other films that she has worked in, this was her first deglam role. The film almost never accentuated her looks with too much makeup or any other extras. This made it more relatable to the audiences. Often, deglaming a character turns out to be a risk, but Aindrita Ray performed more than brilliantly in the role of a timid Parvathi.

Aindrita In A Still From The Movie
Aindrita Ray In Melkote Manja

All fans of Ray will be impressed because it’s a known fact that when glamour is taken away from a character, putting on a good show is a challenge for the actor. This Melkote Manja actress not only did that but has quite possibly surpassed Jaggesh’s talent as well. The expressions, dialogues and behaviour of Parvathi’s character, excellently delivered by Aindrita, will make you sympathetic to women who experience domestic abuse.

Aindrita Ray As Parvathi In Melkote Manja
A Still From The Movie

The story of Melkote Manja is quite simple but keeps you humoured throughout. It is about a conman Manja, who crosses path with Parvathi. He soon finds out that her cousin Bhairava, who is nothing short of a tyrant, is obsessed with marrying her. How Manja and Parvathi help each other come out of their problems is what forms the crux of the story. Don’t forget to watch this movie for more humour and drama.

Are you a fan of Aindrita? What scene of hers did you like best in the movie? Let us know through the comments box below.

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