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Aggabai Sunbai: Will Asawari Manage To Foil Soham And Suzanne’s Destructive Plans?

Tanvi Rumale

April 27, 2021

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Soham wants the CEOship of DBK Foods and Suzanne wants Shubhra’s place in Aggabai Sunbai!

Aggabai Sunbai’s Soham has been vicious from the start, we know that. But with each episode, we learn more and more about his evil intentions! He does not care for his family one bit and any sort of affection he displays to his family is all an elaborate lie. He hates how arrogant his mother is and he does not like Abhijit, and only pretends to. He does not respect Shubhra or try to love her. Even his own son, Shubham is not genuinely cared for by Soham. In the latest episode, Soham reveals his true intentions!

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Suzanne comes to the Kulkarni house to work on some things with Soham. After the meeting with Suzzane and Maddy, Soham and Suzzane have a private conversation where a frustrated Soham reveals to Suzzane that he is tired of being treated like a normal “employee.” Soham complains about not getting any special treatment or incentives. Well, he hates the fact that Asawari gives Shubhra more importance at work and at home while she keeps Soham at a distance and is untrusting of him.

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He hates that he receives a salary like every other employee and the salary is also not sufficient to run the household by himself! Asawari’s method of leading, in which Soham, the experienced and talented one is not given importance, is not the right method according to him. He tells Suzanne that he is waiting for the time once he gets the company to his name. When he becomes the owner, he will not listen to “inexperienced” people like Shubhra and the company will touch new heights. This could hint that Soham is planning a coup in the DBK foods company where he could try to overthrow Asawari and become the CEO himself. This could also mean that he could try and part ways with Shubhra once he is the owner. Right now, he needs Shubhra to be his wife because she makes him look good. Once he has overthrown Asawari, he will not need her anymore.

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Suzanne on the other hand has been jealous of Shubhra since the beginning and we know that she is capable of ruing Shubhra’s life. When Suzanne sees Shubhra fast for the wellness of her “sansaar“, Suzanne vows to herself that she will do everything in her power to ruin it. We know that on many occasions. Suzanne has wanted what Shubhra has: Soham, his attention and public displays of love, and also, being rich! She wanted Shubhra’s earrings in one episode and she wanted a costly necklace as well. Once when she entered Shubhra and Soham’s room, she was jealous that Shubhra lives there. If Soham decides to work from home more often, we will see Suzanne get easy access to Shubhra’s life which will make it very simple for her to ruin.

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Abhijit knows about Suzanne’s mind and her ways. Asawari knows that Soham is not trustworthy. It is up to these two to collaborate and make sure they don’t harm Shubhra. As Shubhra is naive, kind and clueless on most occasions, it really will be up to Asawari to make sure that she gets Shubhra back on her feet and fights Soham so that he cannot ruin the Kulkarni family!

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