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Aggabai Sunbai: Why Asawari Might Be Shubhra’s Only Solution For Her Job-Hunting Problem!

Tanvi Rumale

May 22, 2021

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Asawari could back Shubhra up and help her become an independent woman in Aggabai Sunbai!

Aggabai Sunbai‘s Shubhra has been fighting hard against Soham and Suzanne in the past couple of episodes. We are seeing her get accustomed to Soham’s evil self and try to counter it with her strength. When Soham tells Shubhra that he has been struggling financially as Asawari pays him peanuts, Shubhra decides that she will not let her financial dependence on Soham be his excuse to do whatever he wishes. She vows to start working again and become financially independent. But of course, this does not sit well with Soham and he botches her first interview. We think that only Asawari can help Shubhra out of this situation!

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Soham knows that Shubhra’s financial independence means that she will become strong enough to leave him. Though he does not love her and claims to love Suzanne, some part of him enjoys torturing Shubhra and keeping her as his own maid. He does not want her to become strong enough to leave him and his house! He even says this to Shubhra’s face in the latest episode and promises to always get in her way every time she tries to work!

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We think that Asawari can be the only force that can guide Shubhra through this. Asawari has been clueless about Soham’s shenanigans and his ploys till now and Asawari does not need to know this to help Shubhra either. If Shubhra approaches Asawari for a job at her company, DBK Foods, she knows that Asawari will back her and will happily give her a position without a doubt. If Asawari’s support is what Shubhra is backed by she will surely excel in her work. Even if Shubhra does not want to work at DBK Foods but elsewhere if Shubhra conveys to Asawari that she wishes to work at a certain place or start a certain business, Asawari will surely back it up and this will leave Soham powerless.

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Soham is chained to the Kulkarni house since he is still not the owner of DBK Foods. He has been putting up the act of the good son so that he can get the property and the company to his name. He definitely has been playing the long game. He will not dare to fight Shubhra’s wish to work in front of Asawari and will not be able to counter it as he could have once.

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This way he will be left to accept that Shubhra is changing and growing and earning her own money. We hope that Asawari takes more notice of Shubhra and Soham’s behaviour and has a talk with Abhijit!

We cannot wait to see Shubhra as a working and independent woman!

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