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Aggabai Sunbai: These Instances Prove That Soham Manipulates Shubhra On A Daily Basis!

Tanvi Rumale

April 19, 2021

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Time and again Soham proves to be a master manipulator as he spins tales to get out of trouble with his wife Shubhra in Aggabai Sunbai.

Aggabai Sunbai’s Shubhra is very soft as a character. She seems like she is too afraid of her own reflection at times. All she knows is her house and her son. She does not enjoy stepping out and finds it uncomfortable to do so. Abhijeet and Asawari have realised this and found it to be her fatal flaw. They do their best to encourage her in different kinds of ways, but Soham, her husband, does not do any of this. He actually does not even engage in genuine and honest conversation with her. When he does converse with her, it is usually to change her mind on things and brainwash her.

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When Soham made Shubhra feel underqualified

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Soham did not want Shubhra coming to the DBK office. He does not respect her and when Asawari praised her for her opinion, he first got mad at her for expressing her opinion, which she had only shared because she was put in a spot. He later spoke to her like she did not care about his image, credibility or experience. He made it sound like she was trying to ignore hisachievements by giving her opinion and garnering praises, even though Shubhra meant to do nothing of this sort.

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When Soham influenced Shubhra’s decision to go to the office

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Later, when Asawari asked Shubhra to come to the office when Babdu goes to his tuitions, Shubhra was pondering over it but decided against it only because Soham talked to her. In his fake understanding tone, when Badbu was around, Soham told her that he does not want to say it, but he is really worried about Babdu (Shubham). This happens after Shubham locks Ajoba in a room and makes a mess in the living room when Shubhra is at the office. Soham tells her that he is “worried” about Shubham turning into a bad person and does not want his child to be naughty and end up troubling everyone. He tells Shubhra that he needs her to supervise Shubham because otherwise, Shubham could get out of hand. Since this is actually one of Shubhra’s fears, she is convinced to stay home!

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When Shubhra wears a dress

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Shubhra goes out with her friends after much convincing and tries to have a good time outside of her comfort zone. After her friends urge her to wear a modern but modest dress, she obliges and looks amazing in it. Soham is actually shopping in the same mall with Suzzane and spots Shubhra before she sees him. Rather than making excuses for his presence, Soham points fingers at Shubhra’s dressing and makes it look like she has done something wrong and has dressed vulgar when that is clearly not the case. But this is enough for the underconfident Shubhra to feel horrible and guilty! She only feels better when Abhijeet and Asawari make her feel good.

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When Soham asks her to not trust Rashmi

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When Rashmi spots Soham in a car with Suzzane, she recognises Soham and freaks out. She immediately tells Shubhra what she saw and that he is having an affair. Shubhra cannot believe it and decides to ask Soham herself. She outright denies it and even asks Shubhra to not trust or listen to Rashmi. He says that it’s things like these that create seeds of doubt in the minds of wives and create rifts in marriages. Instead of paying heed to what her friend is telling her, Shubhra is convinced to listen to her lying husband!

Will Shubhra ever realise what her husband is doing to her?

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