Aggabai Sunbai: Suzzane Attending Shubham’s Birthday Party Could Be Her Entry In Shubhra’s Life

Suzzane could possibly have entered Shubham’s birthday party with the intention of making Shubhra sad and feel inadequate in Aggabai Sunbai.

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April 7, 2021



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Aggabai Sunbai’s Shubhra is a sweet housewife and also a mother. She is loved and cherished by her family members and loves taking care of them. She is well-respected by them, but she has a problem with her own self-confidence. She has been living the life of a stay-at-home mother for years now and it has slowly erased her spunk and confidence. Her innate niceness is also something that people like Soham and his girlfriend Suzzane take advantage of.

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Suzzane is everything starkly opposite of what Shubhra is. She is confident, independent and selfish when it comes to things she wants. Even in their appearance, Suzzanne dresses in modern casuals and formals at work whereas we always see Shubhra in a salwar suit or a saree. Shubhra likes and follows traditions while Suzzanne could not care less.

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At the Holi celebration, when Shubhra noticed Suzzanne and Soham’s closeness as they danced together, she chose to forget it as he also gave her importance and danced with her. But, Suzanne on the other hand could not tolerate Soham being nice to Shubhra. Even when Shubhra was singing and Soham was standing by her side, she was seething in anger. She wants Soham all to herself and wants to destroy Shubhra’s life.

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In the recent episode, we see these differences come up when it is Shubham’s birthday and Suzanne attends and come bearing gifts. She brings him a big colourful cake and junk food. Shubhra bakes him a very simple cake and gifts him traditional clothes instead. As a child, Shubham is obviously more aversed to Suzzanne’s gifts and this makes Shubhra sad as she had put in a lot of effort for the gifts. This could be Suzzanne’s first move and we think that there are many more to come.

Now that Shubhra might be coming to the office regularly, Suzzane can steal Shubhra’s ideas and limelight by acting like her friend and then going behind her back. Suzzanne was the one who found a fainted Shubham and took him to the hospital. She also fake-consoled Shubhra and addressed her as “tai”. We think that these are her ways to get into Shubhra’s life and cause chaos.

This attendance at the birthday party could also cause more of her attendance at other family gatherings and this will give Suzzane more opportunities to play with Shubhra’s life while the latter remains clueless.

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