Aggabai Sunbai: Spoiler Reveals Real Reason For Shubhra’s Timidness, Here’s How Asawari Can Help Her Regain Confidence

In Aggabai Sunbai, a recent spoiler has revealed the real reason behind Shubhra’s sudden change as we think Asawari till take these steps to help her regain confidence.

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April 1, 2021



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Shubhra from Aggabai Sunbai used to be really flamboyant and full of life. However, she suddenly changed and became a very timid woman afraid of voicing herself. All this while, we kept wondering what went so wrong for Shubhra to have become this way. Now a recent spoiler has revealed the real reason behind Shubhra’s sudden change. As it turns out, she lost her parents eight years back to an accident and never fully recovered from the tragedy. Ever since then, Asawari has been trying to help her regain confidence. Read on.

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Asawari is constantly worried for Shubhra and wants her to become her old self again. Even though she is strict with her, she only has Shubhra’s best interest in her heart. Asawari can really relate to Shubhra’s condition because she used to be like that too. Things took a turn for Asawari when Shubhra came along and helped her become confident. Now that it is Asawari’s turn to help her, she won’t give up unless Shubhra is back to being her old self.

To help Shubhra, we think the first step Asawari will take will be giving her a permanent job. Recently, Shubhra impressed everyone with her flair for smart business ideas and Asawari was really proud of her. She noticed a spark in her eyes that was long lost for many years.

We think if Shubhra focuses her mind on something else other than her family for a while, it will really help her. Also, she is really talented but underappreciated. If she gets the right platform to explore and showcase her talent, people will praise her and appreciate her. This should definitely boost her morale in the longer run.

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The next step Asawari can take is to stop undermining Shubhra so much when it comes to parenting. Shubhra needs to see that she is doing a good job raising her son in order to feel better about herself. Right now, she blames herself for everything Shubham does and Asawari can help change her mind.

Most importantly, Shubhra needs to realize that she is a lot more than just a housewife. She has a lot of potential to do other things as well. Asawari can help her realize that and we’re sure Abhijit will too. It will obviously take time but these are a few steps to catalyze that process. There may be a lot of setbacks but we’re sure we’ll see the old Shubhra again!

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