Aggabai Sunbai: Soham’s Masterful Ploy Of Breaking Up With Suzzane Might Get Abhijeet Off His Back!

Once again, Soham from Aggabai Sunbai may have proved that he can tackle any situation!

Tanvi Rumale

April 9, 2021



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Aggabai Sunbai’s Abhijeet has been suspicious of Soham and his relationship with Suzzane for a while now. Abhijeet has spotted the two together on a handful of occasions where they have been awfully close as if they were in a romantic relationship! Suzzane is Soham’s secretary at DBK Foods and they spend a lot of time together. But Suzzane is very obsessive and she wants Soham’s attention all the time. She throws tantrums and forces him to meet her at odd hours and even during family functions! And these are the moments when Abhijeet catches them.

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In a recent episode, Abhijeet confronts Soham about his affair and Soham accepts his mistake! Abhijeet has caught him in front of Suzzane’s house with a dressed up Suzzane waiting for him. Soham is backed into a corner and cannot deny it at all. But he chooses to act emotional and helpless and tries to gain Abhijeet’s sympathy! He blames his affair on Shubhra too! He says that because Shubhra changed after giving birth to Shubham, he was left all alone and with Suzzane, it is easy to communicate.

Later, Soham takes Shubhra out on a date to show Abhijeet that he is willing to put in the effort to be with Shubhra and treat her right. But when Abhijeet goes to check on how their date is going, he notices Suzzane sitting on a table close to Shubhra’s. He understands that it is not over between Soham and Suzzane.

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But Soham masterfully handles this as well. He makes sure to take Suzzane outside so that Abhijeet would follow and then acts helpless and breaks up with Suzzane. Suzzane looks sad and quiet and leaves after Soham tells her that he is done and that he cannot be with her anymore. This is sure to give Abhijeet more confidence and he will probably start trusting Soham a little bit more. We think that Soham will act loving and affectionate towards Shubhra for a while so that Abhijeet is convinced that Soham is now faithful to Shubhra.

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Soham will have to stop meeting Suzzane for a while and only meet her at work, where Abhijeet will not be around. Only then Soham will be able to keep up his pretence of being a loving husband and a good son. We think that Abhijeet should still inform Shubhra and Asawari of Soham’s affair, but we think that he might not because Abhijeet is a good man and he will not want to cause pain to his family. Especially if he believes that Soham has realised his mistake and corrected his ways.

Once again, Soham may have proved that he can tackle any situation!

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