Aggabai Sunbai: Soham Gets Caught By Abhijeet And He Only Has These Two Women To Blame For His “Mistake”

Aggbai Sunbai’s Soham blames others for his own problems and proves once again, that he is not a great man.

Tanvi Rumale

April 8, 2021



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Soham has always been up to no good in Zee Marathi’s Aggabai Sunbai. Whenever he is about to be caught doing something wrong, he spins a tale and gets out of it. And the characters on the show are naive enough to believe it too! But not Abhijeet! Abhijeet first got suspicious of Soham and his relationship with Suzzane during the Holi celebrations. Soham was shamelessly dancing around with Suzzane and getting close to her as Shubhra and Abhijeet watched. Asawari’s secretary Maddy told Abhijeet that she has noticed this in the past as well, and Soham’s behaviour is not a new development!

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Right after the Holi celebrations, the family has a puja during which Soham is missing. Abhijeet notices that Soham leaves by using a bath as his excuse but Abhijeet is suspicious so he goes to his room and does not find Soham there. The tap in the bathroom is left running to make it look like Soham is inside, but he is nowhere to be found! Later, on Shubham’s birthday too, Abhijeet sees Suzzane feed Soham cake and get close. Abhijeet is angry and wants to confront Soham and he does so.

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When Soham is caught, he begins to plead and cry. Abhijeet knows that this is all an act but Soham does not drop it. In fact, he begins to blame Shubhra! He agrees that he has made a mistake but he felt really lonely in his marriage and hence went to seek comfort in Suzzane. He says that ever since Shubhra gave birth to Shubham, she has stopped thinking about Soham. And that has caused Soham to feel alienated and alone in his own marriage.

Abhijeet points out that a relationship is made of two people and it going wrong can never be one person’s fault alone. Yet, Soham tries to pin all the blame on Shubhra as if to say that if she had not changed after motherhood, he would not have strayed. This might not be true as Soham is a grey character and has been so since the beginning.

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This way of Soham pinning the blame on Shubhra is definitely not right. And after Abhijeet leaves, we see Soham drop his innocent act and yell at Suzzane. He tells her that this would not have happened if she had just stayed inside the building. He blames her for getting caught even though he chose to be with her and do it behind his family’s back!

He tells her that he is sick of her trying to be coy and call him at odd hours to meet. When Suzzane responds that she loves him and feels like seeing him all the time, he gets angrier and calls her all kinds of names. Soham is afraid as he is not able to come up with a solution for this new problem. He has in the past, always been able to do so. He is afraid that his truth will be revealed to Shubhra and Asawari and he might get thrown out of the family. And in this moment of stress, he blames his wife and his girlfriend for his troubles even though he brought this upon himself!

It will be interesting to see how Soham tackles this situation now.

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