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Aggabai Sunbai: How Soham May Tackle The Situation Of Being Found Out By Shubhra

Tanvi Rumale

May 4, 2021

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Read to find out what Soham can do to keep Shubhra quiet in the Kulkarni house in Aggabai Sunbai!

Aggabai Sunbai’s story has shown a big revelation for Shubhra when she finds Soham and Suzanne in a room together. Her eyes are finally opened to who her husband really is and we all had wanted this day to arrive! This was all Suzanne’s doing who planned the whole “surprise” such that Shubhra would be left watching in shock. Suzanne provokes Soham into speaking about Shubhra, and we know how Soham can never talk nicely about his wife when he is not at home. In the latest episode, Shubhra for the first time hears how Soham really thinks about her and she is rendered speechless!

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Shubhra hears Soham talk about her like a maid, like someone dispensable and dependent to him with nothing interesting to offer him other than her services. This makes Shubhra want to end her life and she even goes to the highest floor of the building to jump off it. A strangers swoops in at the last moment and stop her from doing so.

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When Soham realises that Shubhra might have seen everything, he panics as he remembers Asawari’s words: if Soham is found out to be cheating or doing anything wrong, she will be the one to throw him out of the house and will not make Shubhra leave. We know how selfish Soham is. He has only been acting nicely in front of the family because he wants to gain control of Asawari’s DBK Foods, and become the sole owner of it. Once that’s done, he will end this facade of his. But until then, he will want Shubhra to keep mum about whatever she just saw.

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What Soham might do is that he might reach the house before Shubhra and act like he was working and back without meeting Suzanne. He might later speak to Shubhra in private and insult her. He might not even try to deny his affair and he might bring up Shubham. We know Shubham is Shubhra’s ultimate weakness. Soham could threaten Shubhra with a divorce and a custody battle that he might win since he is financially stable while Shubhra is a housewife.

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Source: ZEE5

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Shubhra might decide to keep mum and stay in her marriage just for the sake of Shubham, if Soham does this. Then, Soham can keep up his pretence of being a loving husband and a good father and keep Asawari and the other fooled until he becomes the owner of DBK foods himself!

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