Aggabai Sunbai: Here’s How Soham’s Double Life Could Get Exposed If Shubhra Joins Him In The Office

If Shubhra ends up working with Soham at the DBK office, here’s what we think could happen in Aggabai Sunbai!

Tanvi Rumale

March 30, 2021



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In Aggabai Sunbai, we are slowly getting to know about the double life that Soham is leading. By double life, we mean the two starkly different personalities that Soham has. At home, his hair is neatly combed with oil and he wears glasses and behaves in a soft-spoken and respectful manner. Whereas outside, when he is around Suzanne, he is the total opposite! He wears bright printed shirts, loud sunglasses and his curly hair looks unruly as he lets it fall. This outfit change comes with a personality change as well!

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In the recent episode Asawari, who is impressed with Shubhra asks her to come to the office every day when Shubham goes to tuitions. She also notices that Soham has come home late for the second time without informing anyone. She sits Soham down and directly asks him where he was. Soham lies and Asawari is not entirely convinced but she lets him go.

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But this incident proves that Asawari has her eyes on Soham and she might soon find out where he goes before coming back home. She has seen how Soham treats Shubhra and will not tolerate that in her office. Soham will be frustrated by Asawari’s support for Shubhra and in his anger, he is bound to make mistakes.

A woman’s instincts are also strong and Shubhra and Aswari are both smart women. Working in the same environment as Soham and Suzzane are bound to create some close-shaves. They might even walk in on them having a moment. Asawari has already seen how chatty Soham gets with Suzanne.

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As a way to put Shubhra down at work, we’re sure to see Suzzane and Soham wrack their brains and they will do anything to make her look dumb and under-qualified. If Shubhra manages to notice this, she may try to uncover their secret. If not Shubhra, Maddy and Asawari could and would definitely do that.

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