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Aggabai Sunbai: Does Suzzane Want To Be More Than The “Other Woman” In Soham’s Life?

Tanvi Rumale

April 11, 2021

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Learn why we think Aggabai Sunbai’s Suzzane could be more controlling and greedy about Soham than ever before!

Soham has been having an affair with his secretary, Suzzane for a while now and has been shamelessly cheating on Shubhra. They have a typical office romance, but Suzzane’s presence in Shubhra’s life is becoming stronger with each episode. We have also seen Suzzane’s controlling and evil side in some recent episodes. And we think that Suzzane might just be tired of being the “other woman” and now wants to have Shubhra’s place!

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Suzzane has been showing these signs that she is dissatisfied with her role in Soham’s life more than once on the show. At the Holi party when she saw Shubhra and Soham dancing, she was extremely jealous and she vowed to keep Soham with her forever. This instance shows that she is extremely possessive of Soham and she is quite obsessive as well.

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We have seen how she often calls Soham at odd hours to meet and wants to spend as much time with him as possible too. The fact that Soham has to return home to his wife bothers her. Even when Soham is faking being nice to Shubhra, she cannot stand it and this shows just how obsessive she is. She is around Soham at work and even outside of work, they are always together. But Soham has a wife to return to and Suzzane has no one but herself, we think it makes her more obsessive.

In the recent episode, we see how Suzzane is adamant about Soham bringing her Shubhra’s earrings while he is on a date with her. If you look at it closely, Suzzane here is angry that Soham is on a date with Shubhra and not her. She needs reassurance because of her insecurities, that Soham really likes her and she wants something of Shubhra’s because she wants to have that importance.

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Even on Shubham’s birthday, we saw how she one-upped Shubhra by bringing Shubham’s favourite gifts for him. This shows that Suzzane loves the attention, care and importance that Shubhra gets and wants exactly that from Soham. She has seen firsthand now, how Shubhra is and thinks of her as boring and “unworthy” of Soham. Even when she visits Soham and Shubhra’s bedroom, she is amazed at how luxurious it is and is jealous of Shubhra for getting it as if she doesn’t deserve it. Suzzane thinks to herself how it suits her more than Shubhra. This could be true for not just Shubhra’s bedroom, but her money, husband, and house in general.

We think that her wanting Shubhra’s earrings are a start. Now that Soham might have to be more careful about Suzzane and him, they might meet less as they do not want to be caught by Abhijeet. This will definitely upset Suzzane and she might make Soham do more things like give her Shubhra’s earrings.

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