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Aggabai Sunbai: Asawari’s Lesson On ‘Beauty Standards’ Is Something Every Girl Needs To Hear!

Aboli Vaze

April 16, 2021

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In a recent episode, Aggabai Sunbai’s Asawari gave a lesson on what beauty really means and that is something we all needed a reminder of. Read on. 

Aggabai Sunbai is one of the most progressive TV shows of all time. It addresses many social problems such as remarriage, finding love at an older age, single motherhood, extra-marital affairs and so on. Now it has taken on the concept of ‘beauty norms’ and we’re sure a lot of you will find it insightful. In a recent episode, Asawari gave a lesson on what beauty really means and that is something we all need to hear. Read on.

Watch the latest episode of Aggabai Sunbai here:

What happened was, everybody in the Kulkarni household was getting ready for Gudi Padwa celebrations. When Shubhra saw Soham dressed in dhotar, she praised him and wanted to look just as good as him. When she asked Soham what saree she should wear, Soham gave an analogy of a donkey and a horse. He said, no matter how hard you try to polish a donkey, it can never turn into a horse.

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This upset Shubhra but instead of feeling humiliated, she became even more adamant about ‘looking better’ for him. She tried putting on some make-up with the help of tutorials but failed. Then, she called Suzzane for make-up tips and being the evil woman that she is, she gave the most obnoxious tips to Shubhra. As a result, the make-up did not turn out good and Soham mocked her for it calling her a monkey. In fact, even Ajoba insulted Shubhra for ‘colouring’ her face and asked her to remove it all.

Asawari makes Shubhra feel better

Feeling hurt, Shubhra started crying in her room. Asawari then came in to console her and said, “It is not important to look beautiful, but it is important to be beautiful from within which you already are”. She also said that there is no need to hide your real self underneath all those layers of make-up because you are beautiful just the way you are. Soham surely finds you sundar even without all the make-up.

Source: ZEE5

Asawari’s lesson on beauty was definitely something we all needed to hear. She reminded us that it is not important to look a certain way to impress someone else but it is important to feel beautiful just the way you are. Doesn’t it make you adore Asawari even more?

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