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Aggabai Sunbai: Anurag Can Be The Best Influence On Shubhra And Shubham, These Instances Already Prove It!

Tanvi Rumale

May 26, 2021

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All the instances on Aggabai Sunbai that prove that Anurag is the best influence on both Shubhra and Shubham!

Aggabai Sunbai‘s newest character, Anurag has been introduced just as Shubhra embarks on a new journey. Shubhra finally knows the truth about her husband and has been trying to survive not just his betrayal but his very evil ploys that seem to be a daily occurrence too. Soham knows that if Shubhra finds a job and discovers a world outside of the Kulkarni house, then she will find the strength to leave it and never look back. Even though Soham has Suzanne, he likes keeping Shubhra around and catering to his whim and fancy. But as Anurag enters this world, we are definitely seeing him act as a helper of sorts to Shubhra and her dreams. And her little one, Shubham too is getting a positive influence in her life!

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When Anurag saved Shubhra from committing suicide

Anurag saved Shubhra from committing suicide by continually asking her if she was sure. He wanted her to rethink her situation and see if she could find at least one thing worth living for. He sat with her when she cried in despair and slowly realised that she does have one thing to live for: Shubham. He didn’t influence her thoughts but let her come to her own conclusions. He also stood beside her for her strength and confidence as well! This is exactly what helped Shubhra walk back home to her son and face her husband with rightful anger instead of cowering sadness!

aggabai sunbai anurag
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When Anurag became Shubham’s playmate

When Anurag and Shubham met for the first time, they were in the park. Shubhra had gone to the park to confront Suzanne about the affair. She wanted Suzanne to break ties with Soham and end it. Shubham was left to himself so Anurag decided to play with him. He also taught him how to have fun on his own with the help of beetle leaves and told him that he must not trouble his mother so much! Shubham ended up liking Anurag and decided to address him as a “friend.”

This sequence proves that Anurag can be a positive and guiding light for Shubham!

aggabai sunbai anurag
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Anurag keeping Shubham company after his classes

In one of the episodes, we see one day when Soham promises to pick up Shubham but purposely forgets to, Shubhra panics. She hurriedly goes to Shubham’s class and worries how he will be as she reaches there late. But she finds him happily conversing with Anurag! Anurag keeps Shubham company and also quietens him when he gets angry at Shubhra for coming late. He also tries to tell Shubhra that it is not the end of the world for her as a mother if she shows up late one day!

This is important because Shubhra’s role as a mother is her truest role which she must learn to sometimes not take as seriously as she does!

aggabai sunbai anurag
Source: ZEE5

Anurag helps Shubhra with Asawari’s blouse

In the latest episode when Shubhra promises to stitch Asawari’s blouse, she comes across a lot of problems which makes her almost give up. She only has until 5 pm to give it to Asawari and Anurag swoops in to help her. He has a solar-powered panel in his garage through which he is able to make the sewing machine work! He stays with Shubhra throughout and even helps her with the machine. Shubham carefully watches Anurag and also decides to keep calm and help out!

We think that if Shubham notices Anurag more often, he will slowly learn to become like him as well!

Anurag stands as a helpful friend who is always around in times of need for both Shubhra and Shubham and they should learn to keep him close!

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