Aggabai Sunbai: Abhijit’s Revelation About Shubhra’s Change Over 8 Years Will Help Understand Why She Changed!

Read how Shubhra changed and what made her who she is now, in Aggabai Sunbai.

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April 26, 2021


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In Aggabai Sunbai’s latest episode, Abhijit takes us through Shubhra’s journey into motherhood and his explanation might shed light on why she changed. If you have been following this new serial, you will notice two stark changes in the characters and those are in Asawari and Shuhbra. Asawari turned from a housewife to a business tycoon and Shubhra instead, became a coddling and overworked mother. Abhijit explains that this happened because of one incident that changed her life forever.

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The loss of her parents

This incident occurred when Shubhra was 7 months pregnant with Shubham. She received a call while she was in the hospital that her parents passed away in a car accident. Shubhra’s parents were her life and to hear that in a weak state made it harder for her body to stay strong. She bore a deep sense of loss while also bearing a child and when Shubham’s birth started having complications, she got more afraid than ever. This loss makes her over-protective of Shubham as she cannot bear to lose him as well.

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The complications she had during her pregnancy have made her more attached to Shubham as she didn’t lose him. She gets very hassled when he does not take care of his health or even gets hurt. Back when Shubham fainted Shubhra had panicked for this reason alone. She cannot bear to lose another loved one, especially her son so she keeps him coddled and listens to all his whims and fancies.

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Shubham of course has got a part of his father’s brains too, so he takes advantage of Shubhra’s niceness and her fear. He stops his breath and holds it in to trouble Shubhra and get her worked up and she does because she is afraid that he could actually die. Now, Shubhra’s puzzle seems to fit in.

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Soham’s scarce involvement in parenting

Soham adds to this over-protectiveness of Shubhra’s because he is an absent father. He does the bare minimum and gets away with it. He makes it look like Shubham is completely Shubhra’s responsibility. Each time that Shubhra begins to think of something other than home and Shubham, Soham brings her back and put her in her a cage where only she and Shubham exist.

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Soham’s affair

Shubhra might not know about Soham’s affair as much, but Soham’s affair is resulting in him giving Shubhra not enough attention. He almost dislikes Shubhra and cannot even seem to stand her, let alone support her. The rest of the members of the family, especially Asawari and Abhijit do their best to support Shubhra, but the support and encouragement she needs from a partner seems to be missing.

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