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Aggabai Sunbai: 5 Times The Evil Soham Proved That He Will Always Be One Step Ahead Of Shubhra!

Tanvi Rumale

June 4, 2021

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Read about how expertly Soham has been playing his moves and keeping Shubhra from revealing his evil self in Aggabai Sunbai!

Soham and Shubhra have been at a silent war ever since Shubhra found out that Soham was cheating on her with Suzanne in Aggabai Sunbai. Soham and Suzanne have been trying to find new and creative ways to put Shubhra down and make her seem powerless and Shubhra is trying to fight back. But Soham and his evil mind have always been one step ahead of Shubhra’s at all times on the show. See for yourself!

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Soham’s pretence even after being caught by Shubhra

Aggabai Sunbai Soham
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On the day of their anniversary, Soham is spending time with Suzanne in a resort until he discovers that Shubhra has finally learned the truth. In order to smooth things out and make sure she does not utter a single word in front of the family members, Soham decides to reach the house before Shubhra. Then he proceeds to act like a loving and patient husband and makes Shubhra cut a cake with him as well. In front of everyone, he makes her promise that she will stay with him like she always has and even puts a garland around her neck!

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When Shubhra tries to talk to Asawari

Aggabai Sunbai Soham
Source: ZEE5

When Shubhra tries to spill the truth to Asawari because she is terrified and broken from the inside due to Soham’s behaviour she is stopped by Soham again! Soham interrupts them just when Shubhra finds the confidence to speak and distracts Asawari with a work issue. He then proceeds to give Shubhra her “fixed” mangalsutra in front of Asawari as a way to remind her that she cannot do anything and that she is tied to him as always.

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When Shubhra tries to talk to Abhijit

Aggabai Sunbai Soham
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Soham feels shocked that Shubhra could muster up the courage to walk up to Asawari and reveal the truth. He is scared that she could start telling Soham’s secret to the rest of the family first. He is afraid she will tell Abhijit and Ajoba too so he insults her and tells her that she has no one except for the Kulkarni family. And because of this, if she reveals the truth, she will be abandoned and left alone because the Kulkarnis will support only Soham! This stops Shubhra from revealing the truth!

When Soham makes Shubhra look untrustworthy in Asawari’s eyes

aggabai sunbai
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Suzanne makes the affair look like Shubhra’s fault and her lack of not being more “interesting” and “loving” towards Soham. She then tells her that she had nothing to do with Soham until he came onto her. Later Shubhra sees Soham try to forcefully make Suzanne do something and assumes the worst. When she brings it up with Asawari, Suzanne clarifies that nothing of the sort was happening and this makes Shubhra look bad. Now, Shubhra will think twice before talking to Asawari about Soham and Asawari will not readily trust Shubhra either, all thanks to Soham’s ploy.

When Soham tries to hire someone else to take the fall

Aggabai Sunbai Soham
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Soham was the one to bribe Anurag but Maddy gets caught. When Maddy is proved innocent, Shubhra realises that it was Soham who bribes Anurag. She saves his name as she does not want to hurt Asawari but she lets Soham know that he is in trouble and she knows it. To keep Shubhra from spilling his secrets and to keep his name in the clear, Soham hires another employee to take the fall for him and saves himself!

Even currently on the show, we are seeing him ruin Shubhra’s chances of finding work because he knows that if she does, she will become independent and will leave him!

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