Aggabai Sunbai: 5 Times Soham Covered His Tracks With Fake Affection Towards His Family

All the times Soham, master manipulator and cheating husband showered love on his family to get out of a sticky situation.

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April 4, 2021



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In Zee Marathi’s Aggabai Sunbai, Shubhra has become a stay-at-home wife to Soham who is having an affair with Suzzane at work. Shubhra is as under-confident as ever and has made her house her entire world. Other than Shubhra’s slow graph with confidence, Adwait Dadarkar as Soham is also becoming more interesting with each episode. He has all the qualities of a villain and what makes it worse is just how easily he can switch from his poisonous, crook to a cool-headed, wise man and fool everyone around him. He has been fooling his family for years now and continues to do so.

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Here are all the times when Soham covered his tracks by being falsely affectionate with his family:

At the Holi party

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Soham and Suzanne don’t even try to hide their romance at work unless Asawari is around. Maddy has noticed their closeness numerous times and in the recent Holi episode, Shubhra and Abhijeet also take notice. Soham dances with Suzanne and even plays with colours with her. This happens right in front of Shubra and Abhijeet. When Soham notices Shubhra though, he acts extremely affectionate, as if he had been waiting for her. This leaves Shubhra more surprised and she is elated by this shower of affection. By doing this, he gives Shubhra her importance in front of everyone and makes her worry-free about what she just saw!

When he comes home late

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Soham leaves the office early because he wants to spend time with Suzanne. He tells Asawari that he is going home early because he wants to meet Shubham and take care of him. Asawari lets him but when she goes back home, she finds that Soham is not home yet and that Shubham has made a mess and annoyed Ajoba. Asawari questions him upon his arrival and Soham does not show his annoyance. Instead, he behaves extremely respectfully and even tries to act like he was helpless because Suzanne troubled him!

While doing the aarti

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To keep up with his pretence of being a good man at home, Soham pretends to do the daily puja. He is actually playing a recording of a bhajan and is on his phone, sending love-filled messages to his girlfriend Suzanne. When he is about to get caught, he hides his phone away and goes to the dining table to have breakfast. He greets his wife and son with an affectionate smile as if he hadn’t just been texting his girlfriend a minute ago!

Keeping both women happy

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In one episode, when Shubhra visits the office, Soham and Suzzane are romancing in his cabin. Shubhra walks in on this and Soham pretends to help Suzanne out with something in her eye. He acts like he is blowing air into her eye so that she stops feeling discomfort. Shubhra does not suspect a thing and Soham even goes and hugs her warmly for coming to his workplace. This makes Suzzane angry so she decides to leave, but he holds her back from behind Shubhra with one hand!

Tries to stop Shubhra from coming to work

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When he notices how badly Shubham has behaved when Shubhra was out, he uses that as a way to convince Shubhra that she needs to stay home. Soham is egotistical and manipulative. He wants the office to be his arena alone and he loves that he can do whatever he pleases outside. If Shubhra joins the office as well, his freedom will be curbed and he will have to be watchful at all times. He does not want Shuhra or Asawari to find out about his affair and hence he does not want Shubhra to work. He acts like a caring father and a sad husband to win Shubhra’s sympathies. He tells her that she is the best at handling Shubham and without her, Shubham could turn into a really bad child!

We wonder what he will do next as Shubhra joins office for good!

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