Aggabai Sunbai: 5 Times Shubhra Went Above and Beyond To Believe and Support Soham

In Aggbai Sunbai, Shubhra blindly trusts Soham and these instances prove it.

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April 7, 2021



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Zee Marathi’s newest show, Aggabai Sunbai has been showing us a new version of both Shubhra and Asawari. It’s almost a role reversal that has happened organically over the years. Asawari has become a big entrepreneur of DBK foods and Shubhra has become a mother of young Shubham and a stay at home mother. One of the biggest reasons for Shubhra to stay tied to the home is her son, who a lot of times, shows behaviours that are similar to his father. We all know that Soham has been a troubling character who has suppressed his evil personality at home. Yet Shubhra is unaware of this and always supports him like the good wife that she is.

Elaborating on the same, here are times when she supported and believed in Soham like a perfect wife.

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When she decided to stay barefoot all-day 

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After seeing that Soham was irresponsible with Shubham and did not care for him well enough which resulted in Shubham fainting, Asawari punishes him. She takes away his wallet and phone and gives him only enough money for him to take a bus to work! Seeing this, Soham decides to do more drama and makes Asawari feel bad. He wants to paint a different picture of himself and he decides to overdo it by walking barefoot all day. In reality, Suzzane comes to pick him up from work and he also has shoes in her car. So he technically wears shoes all day, but in front of Asawari and Shubhra, he acts like he was barefoot. Noticing this, Shubhra also decides to stay barefoot and tears up while imagining how hurt he must be feeling.

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She supports him when he comes back home barefoot

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Asawari suspects Soham to be doing drama and Abhijeet already knows that Soham’s intentions are wrong. Yet, Shubhra, being clueless about this all does not listen to Asawari and helps Soham walk into the house after seeing him drag his feet. He wore shoes all day and but pretends that he walked barefoot all day. He messes his feet in the sand outside to make it look like he was barefoot all day. Shubhra rushes to help him get inside and doesn’t care about Asawari’s punishment.

When she said nothing during Holi

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When everyone was celebrating Holi, Shubhra noticed Soham and Suzane dancing and getting closer. She looked evidently uncomfortable and Abhijeet too noticed this. Yet when Soham pulled Shubhra into a tight embrace later and danced with her, she chose to forget all about it. This was her silent way of supporting him and trusting him to not do anything wrong. This was clearly a point where she should have raised her voice or even confronted him in private about the same, but she did no such thing which shows just how much she trusts him.

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When Soham makes Shubhra feel like she isn’t wearing the right clothes

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After much convincing from Abhijeet, when Shubhra decides to meet her old friends we see how she tries to step out of her comfort zone. After her friends convince her, she tries on a lovely casual dress that is graceful and elegant and in no way revealing or bad in taste. It is a first for Shubhra and when Soham sees her in it, he makes sure to show his distaste. He taunts her and tells her that Aswari will not like her wearing such kind of clothes. Instead of putting forth an argument, Shubhra simply looks sorry and worried and she believes every word that he says!

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When Shubhra’s praise at work upsets Soham

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When Abhijeet brings Shubhra to the office for the first time, Asawari is extremely happy as she wants to see Shubhra setting herself free and standing on her own feet. She askes Shubhra her opinion about a campaign and what Shubhra says really impresses everyone at the office. Soham does not like that Shubhra is being praised and later gets very upset with her. Instead of questioning this and telling him that she did nothing wrong, she questions herself and apologises for it a couple of times even!

While this isn’t a definition of a perfect wife, we can’t help but admire Shubhra for the kind of sweet girl that she is. Hopefully, she’ll become aware of all his actions and decide to teach him a lesson in his own words.

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