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Aggabai Sunbai 17 April 2021 Written Update: Asawari tries to cheer Shubhra!

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April 16, 2021

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In the previous episode of Aggabai Sunbai, Soham provokes Shubhra against Rashmi and asks her to not talk to her. Shubhra applies the make-up as instructed by Suzanne. Later, Shubhra gets shocked on hearing Aajoba’s statement about her.


Watch what will happen next on Aggabai Sunbai:


In the next episode of Aggabai Sunbai, Aajoba is astonished looking at Shubhra wearing make-up and shouts at her for trying it. Shubhra cries and runs to her room. Asawari tells Aajoba not to be rude with her and she’ll talk to her. Suzanne feels elated over the success of her plan. 

Asawari tries to reason with Shubhra and tells her that she is perfect the way she is and doesn’t need anything extra. Shubhra feels distraught but Asawari manages to make her laugh and cheers her up. Later, Shubhra comes dressed and ready. Aajoba praises her simplicity and they all celebrate Gudi Padwa. Abhijit and Aajoba end their argument. Later, the women in the building praise Abhijit for his helpful behaviour. Shubhra tries to talk with Soham and Shubham asks them to send him to summer camp. Shubhra opens the cupboard for Shubham and finds a necklace, gift wrapped. Soham shouts at Shubhra for touching his phone. Soham leaves for work and Abhijit sees Shubhra smiling. Shubhra tells Abhijit that Soham has got a surprise gift for her. 

At the office, Maddy tries to get Suzanne to work and shouts at her over her clothes. Soham arrives and Suzanne complaints about Maddy. Later, Soham gives the necklace to Suzanne as a gift. 

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