Aggabai Sunbai 09 April 2021 Written Update: Suzanne’s plan to usurp Soham’s money

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April 8, 2021



3 min


In the previous episode of Aggabai Sunbai, Soham takes Asawari’s permission to take Shubhra out to a restaurant. Shubhra’s behaviour in the restaurant irks him. Just then, Suzanne arrives there with a guy. Later, Soham and Suzanne’s conversation puzzles Abhijit.

Watch what will happen next on Aggabai Sunbai:

In the next episode of Aggabai Sunbai, Suzanne calls Soham and reminds him about his promise that he is going to give her Shubhra’s diamond earrings, unaware of the fact that they are actually Asawari’s. Soon after, taking advantage of Shubhra’s absence in the room, Soham steals the earrings from her jewellery box and leaves for office.

Meanwhile, Suzanne romances with her boyfriend and tells him how she is going to use Soham to get her hands on his money. After her boyfriend leaves, Soham visits her and appeases her with the earrings she demanded. On the other hand, Shubhra remembers that she has to return Asawari’s earrings and searches for them. However, she gets worried on realising that the earrings have gone missing. Later, a guilt-ridden Shubhra tells it to Abhijit who reassures her and asks her to calm down. He then leaves for office with Asawari.

On being unable to find the earrings anywhere in the house, a panicked Shubhra calls Abhijit, who advises her to confess it to Asawari. Later, he gets shocked on finding Suzanne wearing those earrings and quizzes her about the same. When she states that her boyfriend has gifted them to her, Abhijit invites her home with her boyfriend. Suzanne then calls her boyfriend and tells him that her plan has succeeded and her affair with Soham will soon be exposed before his family, which will mark Shubhra’s exit from the house and her entry into their house.

Later, while the everyone at home enjoys delicious Pani Puri made by Abhijit, Suzanne arrives there with her boyfriend leaving Soham worried. On seeing the puzzled looks on everyone’s faces, Abhijit explains that he had invited Suzanne to devour the Pani Puri. Will Suzanne’s plan work?

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