Aggabai Sunbai 05 April 2021 Written Update: Suzanne brings a birthday cake for Shubham

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April 5, 2021



2 min


In the previous episode of Aggabai Sunbai, As Asawari punishes Soham, he pretends to go to office barefoot. Abhijit shares a doubt with Asawari about Soham. Shubham demands gifts for his birthday from everyone. Later, Soham deliberately injures himself and returns home with an injured foot.

Watch what will happen next on Aggabai Sunbai:

In the next episode of Aggabai Sunbai, while a panicked Shubhra tends to Soham’s wound, Asawari questions him for his irresponsible behavior. However, Soham again puts up an act and slyly portrays himself to be innocent in front of Asawari. Moreover, he makes Shubhra feel guilty in the process and puts the blame on her. Despite Abhijit trying to take Shubhra’s side, Shubhra accepts her mistake and apologises to Asawari. A helpless Abhijit then remembers Maddy’s words about Soham. Just then, Aajoba intervenes and advises Asawari to let go of the matter.

The next day, Shubhra gifts Shubham a dress for his birthday. However, he dislikes it and throws it away. Meanwhile, Soham keeps getting calls from Suzanne which he doesn’t answer. Later, irked on being unable to have grand birthday celebrations, Shubham starts throwing tantrums and creates a fuss. When Shubhra offers him food, he insults her and demands to have fancy junk food.

To cheer him up, Shubhra brings the cake baked by her specially for him, but a bratty Shubham doesn’t like it and refuses to cut it. Just then, Suzanne arrives with a big and fancy cake which delights Shubham. Despite Asawari trying to reason with him, he remains adamant that he will cut the cake brought by Suzanne first, leaving Shubhra disheartened.

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