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Agga Bai Sasubai To Become Agga Bai Soonbai From March 15, Watch Teaser

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February 24, 2021

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The norm-breaking storyline of Agga Bai Sasubai has concluded with a ‘happy ending’ note and now fans will be treated with a new chapter Agga Bai Soonbai. Here’s everything you need to know.

Over the years, mainstream TV has perpetuated gender stereotypes that have been hurtful and boring to a greater extent. While many shows had limited scope for the female characters, a few showrunners were keen to experiment. And That’s where the new wave of content initiated with slice-of-life storytelling and realistic characters. Similarly,  Zee Marathi’s Agga Bai Sasubai belongs to the same league which has entertained the audience for more than a year now.

Apart from entertaining the audience, the show has managed to make many bold and relevant statements. From interesting themes to lifelike characters, the show has been an inspiring watch for the viewers. The recent happenings in Agga Bai Sasubai have concluded the chapter on a ‘happy ending’ note with Kulkarni and the Raje family reuniting. But, every real story actually is a never-ending story.

The popular show Agga Bai Sasubai will now be turning into Agga Bai Soonbai. The show will bring in new twists and will be laden with emotions.

Check out the teaser:

From the teaser, we can say that the new change in the show will bring in new and interesting story arcs. From character arcs to the time jump, here’s everything you need to know about this big change in the show.

The Evolution Of Asawari

A still from Agga Bai Sasubai
Source: ZEE5

Agga Bai Soonbai will take us a couple of years ahead in the story. With immense hard work and dedication, Asawari’s Annapurna has evolved as a big brand in the market of food chains. Asawari will be the director of this renowned chain of restaurants. She has evolved from a housewife to a leading entrepreneur in the food industry.

Along with a team of her neighbors at the chawl, she has managed to rule the industry with her dedication to the art of cooking.

Soonbai In Focus

A still from Agga Bai Sasubai
Source: ZEE5

As cited in the title, the show will revolve around Shubhra. The story will also emphasize Shubhra’s struggles to keep her family away from all the troubles. Also, we might see her dealing with problems in her relationship with Soham.

We have seen Shubhra being a guiding light to Asawari. In this revised version, fans will be treated with a new avatar of Shubhra. We will see her tackling her own problems and making a way out of her difficult times.

Soham’s Revival As A Villain?

A still from Agga Bai Sasubai
Source: ZEE5

While the Kukarni-Raje family seemed to have gotten along well with each other, there’s a ‘perfect happy family’ imagery in the show. However, every happy moment has an expiry date. We can see Soham reviving again as a villain in the story with his bad habits. Though he had vowed to be a responsible son, a series of his antics might have landed him in deep trouble again.

Well, it remains to be seen, what’s in store for us in Agga Bai Soonbai.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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