Agga Bai Sasubai: Soham’s Absence Has Pacified Asawari’s Anger; Here Are A Few Interesting Things That You Can Expect

Spoilers have revealed that Asawari’s anger has mollified after learning her babdya is missing. Now that she is no longer angry with Soham, here a few things to expect. Read on.

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January 23, 2021



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In the recent episode of Agga Bai Sasubai, we saw that Soham has finally come clean to Ajoba. He told him the real reason why Asawari left. After listening to Soham’s side of the story, Ajoba realizes his mistake and calls Asawari. He asks her to meet him at Abhi’s kitchen and they reconcile. Meanwhile, Soham feels so guilty for his actions that he decides to leave the house without informing anyone about his whereabouts. Also, spoilers have revealed that Asawari’s anger has mollified after learning that her babdya is missing. Now that she is no longer angry, here a few things to expect. Read on.

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1. Asawari will realize Soham has changed 

Soham has been trying to make it up to Asawari for a very long time. Despite his sincere attempts, Asawari has remained adamant about not forgiving him. Now that Soham has gone missing, it is possible that she might reflect on his apologies and realize how sincere he was.

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2. Asawari will help find Soham

No matter how much Soham hurts Asawari, he will always remain her beloved son. Even if he has deeply hurt Asawari, she is not going to remain unbothered if he goes missing. She will surely start panicking and help Shubra or ajoba in finding Soham.

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3. Kulkarni-Raje family will reunite

With Soham gone, it is likely that Ajoba will insist Asawari and Abhijit to return. Now that three members of the Kulkarni-Raje parivaar have left the house, the family is utterly broken and incomplete. Ajoba will not stand seeing his family like this and might request Asawari to return.

4. Soham might return changed 

Soham is known to change very quickly. There have been a lot of times he has ‘become better’ in past but those phases did not last long. Now that he has left the house, there is a chance that he might get manipulated into taking the wrong path again.

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5. Ajoba might blame Asawari

Even though we love Ajoba, he has a tendency to blame Asawari whenever something goes wrong in the family. Even though they have just reconciled, Ajoba might blame Asawari for Soham’s departure. He might say that Soham would have never left if Asawari had forgiven him earlier.

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