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Agga Bai Sasubai: From A Spoilt Brat To A Self-Reliant Man, Soham’s Character Takes A Complete Turn

Aboli Vaze

February 24, 2021

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Ashutosh Patki’s character Soham has taken a complete turn, and we’re honestly surprised. Read ahead.

Agga Bai Sasubai never fails to keep the audience hooked with its drama. Lately, Soham and Asawari seem to have made amends and things are smooth-sailing for the Kulkarnis again. Soham, who has been the antagonist on the show for a long time, has totally changed now. He has become a good man, who is now sincerely fixing all his mistakes. His character has taken a complete turn, and we’re honestly surprised. Read ahead.

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New promos have revealed that Soham is continuing to become a better man even after getting Asawari’s forgiveness. In the promo, Soham can be seen studying in the dark as he wishes to complete his education and get a good job. This leaves Asawari and Abhijit shocked.

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If you have been following Agga Bai Sasubai from the beginning, then you would know how Soham was initially. He was a spoilt brat, a Mama’s boy, and always took his mother for granted. Later, when Asawari remarried, he evolved from a spoilt brat to a ruthless man who singlehandedly broke his family.

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Soham always opposed Asawari’s marriage with Abhijit and tried to tear them apart many times. When he did not succeed, he made their lives miserable and deeply hurt his family in the process. He was never a good husband either. He treated Shubhra miserably and did not respect her.

Soham was also blinded by money and his greed had consumed him. He was so eager to be rich, that he threatened to set himself ablaze for acquiring Abhijit’s wealth. Soham’s erratic behaviour was the final straw for Asawari and she finally left him for good.

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Eventually, Soham came to realize his mistakes and started fixing everything. He made amends with Shubhra, accepted Abhijit and apologized sincerely. He even handed Abhijit’s business back to him and worked hard for Asawari’s apology. With his changed behaviour, he proved his sincerity and reconciled with Asawari.

Now he is studying hard to finish his education and become self-reliant. Soham, who once set his books on fire in a fit of anger, can be seen studying in the dark now. This is a testament to how much he has changed and how far he has come from how he was at the beginning of the show.

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