Agga Bai Sasubai: Asawari’s Decision To Leave Soham Will Change Him For The Better, Here’s Why

Saying that Soham has caused many problems for his family would be an understatement. Now that Asawari has left him, here is why we think he will finally become a better man

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November 26, 2020



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Popular Marathi show Agga bai Sasubai on ZEE5 never fails to keep the drama going on. Now that Abhijit and Asawari have started a new life together without Soham, things have drastically changed in the lives of all main characters. Soham has taken over the ownership of Abhijit’s business, Shubhra is pretending to be on Soham’s side and Abhijit and Asawari have distanced themselves completely from this drama. Do you think with Soham’s beloved Aai out of the way, Soham will now finally realize his mistakes and change for the better?

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Soham has caused a lot of problems for his mother Asawari while she has overlooked his mistakes and forgiven him most of the time. From snatching Asawari’s Mangalsutra to attempting to set himself ablaze, Soham has taken many extreme measures to jeopardize Asawari’s relationship with Abhijit. He has always despised him even though Abhijit has been nothing but a father figure to Soham. Even though Asawari, Abhijit, and Shubhra have tried many times to bring Soham on the right path, they have all failed miserably. Now that Asawari has finally given up on her babdya and left him for good, it will be interesting to see how this takes a toll on Soham.













Right after Soham acquires all of Abhijit’s business, he becomes even more conniving and insults Abhijit, even asking him for an apology. Instead of giving a befitting response to Soham for his behavior, Asawari blesses him for the future and leaves the home with her husband. Soham comes to his senses and starts calling after his mother to stop her. He starts pleading for her to stay, but she remains adamant about leaving. At that moment, the antagonism in Soham just disappears and the broken child in him comes out, who genuinely longs for his mother’s love and affection. There is a hint of regret on his face that proves he is not completely a lost cause yet.

As the days go by, they all get busy with their new lives but Soham keeps missing his mother from time to time. For instance, when Shubhra prepares a delicious meal for Soham, he is taken back to the time when his mother used to prepare his favorite meals for him. It reminds Soham of the taste of his mother’s cooked food and he starts missing her. It is evident that despite all the arrogance and ego, Soham indeed loves his mother and will always have a soft corner for her. Now that Asawari has really left Soham, there is a possibility that Soham might change after all so that Asawari returns. Even though he cannot see it right now, we know that he cannot live without his beloved Aai. What do you think will happen next?

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