Agga Bai Sasubai: As Katekor Blackmails Soham, The Latter Can Use These Ideas To Get Back At Him!

Soham had just begun to make amends with his family and now Katekor has ruined it all. Here’s how he can get back at Katekor and teach him a lesson.

Aboli Vaze

February 3, 2021



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Viewers have been witnessing some major drama on Agga Bai Sasubai lately. With a new villain in town, we are definitely in for a ride full of twists and turns. It was recently revealed that Katekor, who is the new antagonist on the show, has some unresolved feelings for Asawari. In a bid to win her, he is blackmailing and forcing Soham to be his pawn. Feeling scared and helpless, Soham has given into Katekor’s whims and is unwillingly helping him out. As it turns out, Soham wants to get rid of him and we have a few ideas he can use.

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Soham had just begun to make amends with his family and now Katekor has ruined it all. Here’s how he can get back at Katekor and teach him a lesson –

1. Create a rift between him and Pradnya 

Katekor is using Pradnya as a pawn to get inside information on Asawari and Abhijit. Being the malicious woman she is, Pradnya is more than happy to help him. If Soham somehow manages to create a rift between Katekor and Pradnya, then Katekor will be rendered alone and helpless.

2. Tell his family

The only reason why Katekor is able to blackmail Soham is that he holds something against him. Something Soham is willing to protect even at the cost of hurting his family. If he just comes clean and spills all his secrets, Katekor won’t be able to threaten him anymore. Also, there is a high chance that Soham’s family will forgive him no matter what.

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3. Seek legal help 

Katekor is a shady man and everything about him screams bad news. He is up to no good and the best way to teach him a lesson would be to seek legal help. If Soham just reports Katekor to the same hawaldar who tipped Shubhra about Soham‘s whereabouts, he will definitely be able to get some help.

4. Turn Katekor’s men against him

Now, this would be a difficult task but not entirely impossible. Katekor is invincible only because he is backed by a lot of men. Should he lose them all, he’ll just be an ordinary man who can do no harm. Soham should take down Katekor’s men to render him harmless.

5. Confront him

Soham is very good at manipulating people and we have seen that before. He can use this to his advantage and talk to Katekor. He can confront him or manipulate him into giving up on Asawari and leaving them all alone. This way, no one would get hurt and Soham will be able to unite with his family again.

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