Agga bai Sasubai: 5 Important Steps Shubhra Can Take to Reunite her Family

As Shubhra is distraught over Asawari and Abhijit’s departure from their home, here are 5 things she can do to bring her family back.

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November 28, 2020



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Zee Marathi’s Agga bai Sasubai recently witnessed many dramatic twists that have left Asawari’s family shattered. Following a heated showdown between Soham and Abhijit, the latter leaves with Asawari to begin a new life and Soham takes over Abhijit’s business without any regret. Meanwhile, Shubhra is shattered to learn that her beloved parents-in-law have left and vows to bring her family together again.

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Shubhra pretends to be on Soham’s side regarding his decision to run Abhijit’s business and agrees with everything he says in order to gain his trust. However, her true intentions are to change Soham and to make him realize his mistakes so that she can unite her family. Here are 5 other things she can do to reunite her family:

1. Shubhra can leave Soham

Just like Asawari, Shubhra too has tried many times to leave Soham but never actually has. This has made Soham take her for granted so if she too leaves Soham for real like Asawari, he will realize that he is all alone now and will try to make amends with his family.

2. Shubhra should call spade a spade

While pretending to be on Soham’s side might come to fruition, it is also possible that Soham finds out about it and lashes out at Shubhra thereby ruining her plan. She could instead also opt to call him out for his misdeeds and be upfront about it. As Soham misses his mother right now, he is really vulnerable and maybe a good dose of a harsh reality will set him straight. Once that is done, everything else will fall in place.

3. Shubhra should get rid of Pradnya

Pradnya has always been a devil’s advocate and has indirectly influenced Asawari’s family many times. She is not just prying and nosy neighbour, she is also partly why Asawari’s family is in shambles. Shubhra must really take some action so that Pradnya will leave them all alone.

4. Separate Soham from his friends 

Peer pressure often influences Soham to do horrible things even if it means going against his family. Shubhra must try and separate Soham from the company of his bad friends so that it will be easier for her to tackle Soham when he is on his own. The root cause of Shubhra’s family problems is Soham and this should help her a long way.

5. Shubhra should take help

Now that Asawari and Abhijit have left, Shubhra is on her own when it comes to handling Soham. Shubhra must involve others who are genuinely loyal to her so that they can all help her unite the family.

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