Agga Bai Sasubai: 5 Difficulties That Asawari And Abhijit Might Face In Their New Life

Agga Bai Sasubai’s Asawari and Abhijit have begun a new life in a chawl but their life is not set on an easy road. What awaits them ahead?

Tanvi Dhote

December 3, 2020



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In Agga Bai Sasubai, Asawari and Abhijit are having to start a new chapter in their life altogether, all thanks to Soham and his evil intentions. The couple has now moved into a chawl and they have been finding new sources of income ever since. Abhijit has to find new ways to support himself and Asawari as he does not own Abhi’s Kitchen anymore. As Asawari and Abhijit set off for a fresh beginning, here are five hurdles the couple might face.

1. Finding an interesting job

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Abhijit has been a chef and a restaurant owner for a long time. Hence after losing his restaurant, he has to find new ways to earn a living. Even though he now owns a Pav Bhaji stall, it is too early to say if the stall will work forever or might go out of business after some time. Hence, finding a job that stabilises his and Asawari’s future is important.

2. Asawari adjusting in the chawl

While Abhijit goes to his Pav-Bhaji stall and works all day long, Asawari is back at the chawl. The chawl setting is extremely new for her. Even though her neighbours like Madhu, Mangal, and Vishwas are helpful, it might take her some time to adjust.

3. Asawari worrying about Soham

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Even though Asawari has disowned Soham, he is still her son. So even though he continues to misbehave with her and his stepfather, she is still concerned about him. Moreover, Soham is spiralling out of control due to his new lifestyle. This change in lifestyle is definitely a reason for Asawari to worry about him.

4. Soham losing Abhi’s Kitchen

As mentioned earlier, Soham has slipped out of control after taking over Abhi’s Kitchen. Since he has gained control over the restaurant, the quality of service has dropped. Even the customers are complaining about the quality of food. If Soham’s bad attitude continues, the customers might stop visiting the restaurant and it might eventually shut down and Abhijit’s efforts will go to waste.

5. A new restaurant

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Abhijit and Asawari are dreaming of owning a new restaurant. Hence they have also started to save some money. But this is not an easy road for them since their only source of income is Abhijit’s Pav Bhaji stall. While they are saving up for a new restaurant these savings might take a long time and it will also hinder the need to purchase other necessities.

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