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Agga Bai Sasubai 30 October 2020 Written Update: Soham to work as a watchman of the society?

Rohan Patil

October 29, 2020

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Soham is out on his own as Shubhra, Asawari and other society members refuse to take him in. He then goes to watchman’s cabin to sleep.

In the latest episode of the Zee Marathi show Agga Bai SasubaiAsawari kicks Soham out of the house and goes to her room. Abhijeet goes to her and tries to convince her into taking Soham home. Asawari refuses and says that Soham has always been wrong. He has done many unforgivable things and he should be punished for that. She also tells Abhijeet that he would forget what Soham said about him but she will never forget that. Asawari says this time she will make sure that he is punished.

See spoiler of the episode here

Shubhra gives some food, water and clothes to Soham to survive on his own. Soham asks her if she has come out to take her home, Shubhra refuses. Shubhra tells Soham that he must realise now that he should respect the people and relations in his life. She also slams him for getting their relationship on the line and refuses to take him inside. She closes the door and bursts into tears. When he is sitting outside, he comes across Sulabha Kaku and asks her to take him inside. Sulabha Kaku refuses to take him in saying if Asawari has taken such a drastic step there must be a strong reason behind it. Other society members also give reasons to Soham and refuse to take him to their house.

Asawari does not eat anything and leaves from the table. Soham is sitting outside and eats some food. Asawari decides to sleep on the floor as Soham will also sleep on the floor. Soham has difficulties sleeping outside and goes to the watchman’s cabin. Soham gets jealous of the watchman as he was sleeping while he had to sleep out of his house. The watchman is sleeping and Soham kicks him out, questioning him about why was he sleeping on duty. Soham then goes to the cabin and charges his phone and sleeps peacefully. The next morning, Asawari and Shubhra realise that the watchman must have forgotten to fill the water tanks. Asawari goes down to ask him about why hasn’t he filled up the water tanks. However, she does not find the watchman there and instead it is her son Soham in watchman’s uniform.

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