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Agga Bai Sasubai 27 October 2020 Written Update: Asawari gets ready to live with Abhijeet at his place

Rohan Patil

October 27, 2020

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Asawari informs Abhijeet that she is coming to live with him and gets ready to leave. Soham thinks of spoiling her plans.

In the latest episode of the Zee Marathi show Agga Bai Sasubai,  Asawari decides to go and live with Abhijeet. Asawari is doing all the preparations in the kitchen so that Shubhra and Soham will not face any difficulties after she is gone to live with Abhijeet. Shubhra assures her that she will manage everything in Asawari’s absence. Shubhra reminds Asawari about informing Abhijeet on her decision. Asawari calls Vishwas in Abhi’s kitchen and tells him to give the thing to Abhijeet which she had given.

See spoiler from the episode here

Vishwas hands over a parcel to Abhijjeet which he says is from Asawari. Abhijeet opens it to find an audio cassette. He then thinks about how to listen to it and realises that he had a cassette player which he used to listen to. He tells Vishwas and Maddy to search for it. Soham comes to talk with Asawari. Asawari tells him that there is nothing to talk and he should not try and stop her. Vishwas finds the cassette player. Abhijeet checks it by playing the cassette given by Asawari and it is working. He then goes away from Vishwas and Maddy to listen to the audio. Vishwas and Maddy also follow him to his room and are hearing everything from the door. Asawari tells Abhijeet through the audio cassette that she is coming to live with him in his house from today and tells him to pick her up at 9 PM. Abhijeet gets overjoyed. Vishwas and Maddy also get to know about Asawari coming to live with Abhijeet.

Soham apologises to Asawari and tells her that he has acted very selfishly and now he has realised his mistake. Asawari questions Soham that how could he think of doing such things. She also asks him why he hurts those who love him unconditionally. Soham thinks to himself that how could his mother say such things to him for Abhijeet. He promises her that he will take care of Shubhra and keep her happy. Soham gifts bangles to Asawari and tells her that Aajoba would have done the same. Soham thinks to himself that Asawai can do all the preparations she wants to but she cannot even step out of the house to live with Abhijeet.

Vishwas and Maddy throw a send-off party for Abhijeet. Shubhra buys all things which are required for Asawari at their house. Soham also steps in to help her. Soham then goes to Abhi’s kitchen with some papers in his hand and thinks that Abhijeet won’t be happy for long as he is there to get him out of Asawari’s life forever. Soham looks at papers in his hands. Asawari gets ready to leave with her bags packed. Sulabha Kaku comes there to bless Asawari for her new beginning. Shubhra calls Abhijeet to check why Abhijeet has not yet come to pick her up.

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