Agga Bai Sasubai 22 October 2020 Spoiler: Pradnya insults Asawari in front of everyone

Pradnya says hurtful things to Asawari while Abhijeet and Shubhra watch and Soham is furious with Abhijeet and Shubhra.

Rohan Patil

October 20, 2020



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In the previous episode of Agga Bai Sasubai, we saw how Soham and Shubhra meet their friends to celebrate their marriage anniversary. Soham is not happy with what Shubhra is wearing. As their friend compliments Shubhra for her dress, Soham gets angry. He picks up a tablecloth and drapes it over Shubhra’s shoulder. He creates a scene at Abhi’s kitchen over Shubhra’s appearance. He also blames women for wearing such fashionable clothes and says that this is the reason for them getting misbehaved with. Shubhra and Abhijeet slam him for his cheap mentality. An angry Soham leaves from there. Abhijeet packs their friends’ food and tells them to enjoy at their home. Abhijeet drops Shubhra at their house and gives a pep talk to her. He also says that she is right and should not blame herself for all this. Shubhra agrees and thanks Abhijeet for supporting her.

See the spoiler of the recent episode here

Pradnya asks Asawari why is she wearing such an old and dull saree in front of other women. She also says that Asawari has finally understood how a woman whose husband has left her should behave. An angry Shubhra and Abhijeet watch all this drama unfold in front of them. Pradnya further tells Asawari that her marriage was short-lived. On the other hand, Soham is very angry with Shubhra and Abhijeet. He talks to himself and says that he has shown Abhijeet his place by kicking him out of the house and now it is Shubhra’s turn.

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