Agga Bai Sasubai 22 January 2021 Written Update: Soham gets accused of a murder

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January 22, 2021



3 min


In the previous episode of Agga Bai Sasubai, mistaking Soham to be a thief, people thrash him on the road. Just then, Katekor helps Soham but puts forth a condition before him. Abhijeet takes his friend’s help, who is a police, to find Soham.

Watch what will happen next on Agga Bai Sasubai:

In the next episode of Agga Bai Sasubai, Katekor brings Soham to a bar and pretends to sympathise with him to get him drunk. However, his plan fails as a guilt-ridden Soham recollects the past incidents and refuses to drink. Furthermore, Katekor tries to instigate him to make him drink, but in vain.

Meanwhile, Abhijit and Shubhra come to the tea stall visited by Soham and enquire about Soham. To Shubhra’s distress, the stall owner recounts how Soham had come to the stall and got beaten up by the crowd for stealing Paav. A teary-eyed Shubhra then gives money to the stall owner and tells him to feed Soham if he comes there again. Furthermore, she asks him to convey her message to Soham.

Back at the bar, Katekor refuses to give Soham food until he drinks alcohol. When it doesn’t work and Soham prepares to leave, Katekor comes up with another plan and gives some instructions to his henchmen. Subsequently, a guy named Papya approaches Soham and badmouths Asawari in order to provoke Soham. An enraged Soham then hits Papya who falls down and Katekor declares him to be dead. Meanwhile, someone video shoots this scene from afar. Soon after, Katekor frames Soham for Papya’s murder and forces him to run away.

While Abhijit and Shubhra continue to search for Soham everywhere, a worried Aajoba calls Shubhra to enquire about Soham. Elsewhere, a terrified Soham snatches a mobile of a stranger while running and calls Shubhra. As Shubhra answers the call, a vulnerable Soham pleads for help. Will Shubhra be able to save Soham?

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